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American COP Sep/Oct 2011 Digital Edition - Page 59

For more information on seeing your product featured in Spotlight, contact Delano Amaguin (888) 732-6461. pHoeNIX TecHNoLoGY GUN STocKS Phoenix Technology Introducing the KickLite Stock for Saiga shotguns and rifles. The KickLite stock is sure to answer the call for desired recoil suppression in this rapid-fire shotgun. The patent pending KickLite recoil-suppression mechanism reduces felt recoil 40 to 50 percent, depending on load, resulting in less shooter fatigue, improved accuracy and quicker follow-up shots. Products are proudly made in USA of premium grade glass filled nylon, aluminum and elastomers. Color options: black, sandstorm and dark earth. MSRP: $99 - $150. For more info: (910) 259-6804 or fIre.poD FirePod Safe The on-the-go convenience of a gun case meets the fire protection of a gun safe. That’s the idea behind the Fire.Pod, the fireresistant guncase. Fire.Pod is constructed of lightweight, fabric-based materials with models storing anywhere from two handguns to four long guns. Ideal for the traveling sportsman or those seeking an alternative to a costly, immobile gun safe. For more info: (717) 203-0415 or coBrA 8.0 BooTS Magnum Boots USA Magnum USA announces the latest in speed-inspired, nano-protected, lightweight tactical boots. This next generation boot collection couples modern warrior design materials and delivers the ultimate in comfort, safety and value. Available now, the Cobra Collection provides comfortable optional features like a side-zipper, ion-mask treatment and 400 grams Thinsulate insulation. Cobra series retails from $95 to $125 MSRP. For more info: (800) 521-1698 or reD-I LASer iSniper, Inc. The Red-I Laser is a unique laser bore sight that works with more than 100 different calibers, from .17 Rem to 700 Nitro, to 12-16-20 gauges, and handgun calibers 9mm - .45. It’s made out of high-grade brass and stainless steel with a high quality laser. Red-I lasers work great with iMarksman Use of Force System and comes with a 2-year warranty. For more info: (267) 987-6367 or 1-6X24 rIfLeScope Sightmark With the new 1-6x24 Riflescope, shooting will never be the same. It has a wide range of magnification, making it perfect for close-range tactical shooting and medium-range, large-game hunting. It’s ideal for fast-moving targets and quick-target acquisition, with an illuminated red or green reticle. The 1X magnification is great for 3-gun matches, tactical training and tactical shooting matches. For hunting prey like hogs or deer, switch to 6X, to adapt to the situation at hand. The Riflescope has a 1/2"-MOA adjustment and is manufactured using a straight tube construction, allowing it to fit on an AR 1-piece mount, for use on AR-15 rifles. For more info: (817) 225-0310 or vAcUUM preServATIoN BAGS ZCORR Products The Vacuum Preservation Bags offer 100-percent corrosion protection and last up to 20 years depending on use. The bags are made of a combined VpCI material and foil barrier layer, an airtight and waterproof zipper closure and a 1-way vacuum valve, which offers fail-safe, anti-corrosion protection. For more info: (585) 742-3310 or WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 59

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