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American COP Sep/Oct 2011 Digital Edition - Page 51

HOT, HIGH-TECH GIZMOS ROY HUNTINGTON AND GET TO WORK hen I joined the San Diego PD in the late 1970s, high tech meant you had a fresh battery for your 6-year-old portable radio. Cars didn’t have computers and our Polaroid SX-70 “Instant” cameras still made some guys wonder “How do it do that?” In my early days, I had a manual portable typewriter and used to pull under a gas station awning, plop it on my trunk lid and bang out arrest reports. Now that was high tech. Simple times, yes — but not necessarily better times. These days, most cops need to carry a separate go-bag just for extra batteries. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing, since the battery-powered goodies can make our lives safer, but the goodies need to actually work. As one of our staffers, John Connor said, “Nowadays we’ve got computers built to survive bombs, and ‘field electronics’ you can smack into left field with a Louisville Slugger without doing much more than dingin’ the finish — all devices even your 11 year old would have trouble destroying. Yeah, that 11 year old, the kid you once locked up naked in a padded room with a bowling ball, and he broke it and ate the pieces.” Without further nonsense, here’s a compendium of just some of our favorite high-techy goodies of late. For more info: and click on the company name. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM GET OUT YOUR BATTERIES — Think of the Ballistic Wizard Shooter’s Computer as a ballistics lab in your shirt pocket. Made by Hykore, it’s basically a fancy calculator pre-programmed with data for .308, .270, .243 and .223, but you can customize it and add your own calibers or load data. Using knowns like rifling twist rate, bullet weight, velocities and such, the Wizard can give you midrange trajectory, bullet drop, velocity at certain ranges, target leading data and a host of other answers. Need the holdover on an angle shot? A few keys strokes and Witness Cam by SecGru Systems, you’ve got your answer. Inc. is a self-contained “wear it on If you’re interested in your head” camera system offering precision rifle shooting, “real-time” recording of events an here you go. officer faces. From patrol cops (how handy to have video proof excessive force was not used!), to SWAT operations where each step is recorded, the Witness Cam is just that — an impartial witness to events. It’s also handy (with the supplied recorder/ screen) for peeking around corners or into attics and such. W Also from Hyskore, the Tactical Over & Out Electronic Hearing Protector has a few notable features. It allows the user to choose between Impluse or Compression modes, offers an interface for iPod or communications and has a hands-free, white LED light to the front and red to the rear, great for night range work and instructors. Comes with neckband, hanger and is stereo. 51

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