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American COP Sep/Oct 2011 Digital Edition - Page 14

JOHN CONNOR G2G GOOD TO GO GEAR INVESTIGATOR PEN A *NEW* SMALLER SIZE TACTICAL PEN THAT IS READY FOR THE LARGEST TASKS! ACTUAL SIZE reFLeX seCuriTy HoLsTer FroM unCLe MiKe’s Specs 4.25” Overall 3/8” DIAMETER Want a holster secure enough to run, fight and climb fences with, but don’t like having to operate levers, paddles, buttons or snaps to bust out your piece? Try the new REFLEX. Uncle Mike’s Integrated Retention Technology (IRT) firmly locks your pistol in place at the triggerguard, by a retention lug on one interior side and a tensioned “press arm” on the other. To release its hold, take a firm firing grip, rock the butt slightly inboard and pull straight up. That’s all there is to it, and with very little practice. It’s rock-solid at rest, and lightning-fast in action. Designed for concealed-carry citizens, the REFLEX is a great choice for plainclothes or offduty use and, with approval, uniformed-duty too. MSRP: $38.50. veHiCLe HAnDgun MounT PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR: TACTICAL KNIVES, PENS, TOOLS, ACCESSORIES, PERSONAL DEFENSE ITEMS By guM CreeK CusToMs HINDERER.indd 1 4/27/11 1:17:05 PM AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 14 Whether commuting for work, training or whatever, cops spend more time behind the wheel than most folks, and run into far more trouble of the socially serious variety. Many times a gun just ain’t close enough, fast enough. Gum Creek Customs has a great solution. Their Vehicle Handgun Mount secures a holstered handgun directly below and forward of your steering wheel, centered on the steering column. No tools or modifications are necessary, and it doesn’t interfere with driving at all. The under-dash panel of most vehicles provides a “lip” to engage the spring clip, but if there’s not a big enough gap, they also offer a universal steering column adaptor. Either way it’s easy-on, easy-off. It’s a really stable, fast setup. MSRP is $49.95. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2011

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