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American COP Sept/Oct 2010 - Page 44

BLACKHAWK! Grid Fleece makes an excellent base or mid-layer, trapping air and cutting the cold. Tactical trolls can stay toasty with this merino wool commando sweater by Boyt Harness. CamelBak’s ND-100L from HWI Gear. Snot-‘SickleS And clAmmy thermieS Cold Creek Sheriff’s Substation, just north of Frozen Fork … W GearinG Up For Winter 44 John Morrison hether you work a beat in the Windy City, a lonely resident-deputy post in the high Rockies, or 200 miles of blizzard-swept icy highway in Nebraska, it seems peace officers only have two temperature levels during the winter: too hot and too cold. Too hot because if you’re dressed for exposure, you turn into a warm, damp rag inside the cruiser. Too cold because the same sweat-soaked garments go clammy, then turn into ice sheets on your skin when you step out into The Big Refrigerator — and that survivable 28-degree ambient temp dives to minus 42 with the wind chill factor. Distributed by Boker USA, the Swiss Eye SWAT Pro Mask gives protection from cold winds and flying fragments. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010

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