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American COP Sept/Oct 2010 - Page 22

CARRY OPTIONS FROM hOLSTERS TO hAvERSACKS. MARK hANTEN In case you were wondering what distressed crocodile looks like, well now you know. El Paso saddlEry ComPany El Paso Saddlery’s Double Agent does double duty too. Whether using it for an undercover operation or standard business attire, strong side or crossdraw carry. a s I was walking out of the SHOT Show to make the long trek home, I couldn’t resist the urge to stop by the El Paso Saddlery booth and look at some of their beautiful cowboy leather. They do great western rigs complete with fine stamping and floral carving. What I didn’t fully appreciate until I saw their booth, was they make some outstanding concealment and duty holsters for non-uniformed assignments, as well as great belts to match. They also make some drop dead gorgeous exotic rigs that would make the best-dressed detective in town green with envy. More on that later … Driving in a crossdraw mode keeps the gun from getting caught up in the seat belt and keeps pressure off your strong side hip. Notice how easily the gun can be drawn too. The TheDouble DoubleAgenT AgenT ne of their unique designs — the Double Agent — immediately drew my attention and I had to try it out. The moniker stems from its dual position slot, making it possible to wear the holster in a forward cant position, or crossdraw configuration. While there are plenty of holsters with multiple slots allowing for different angles of carry, this is the best looking one I’ve seen. It’s based on a loop and tunnel design rather than a pancake design, so the forward slots are concealed behind the holster. The only exposed slot is in the back flap. I think it gives the holster a much cleaner look than the pancake versions, which always show an exposed vacant slot. Also, most of the pancake holsters I’ve seen don’t offer as significant of a change in angle, which allows for both crossdraw wear, and conventional wear with a slight muzzle-to-the-rear cant. o enerally, I’m not a big fan of the crossdraw, so most of the time the dual slot concept isn’t a big attraction for me. Recently however, I’ve come to appreciate the huge advantage of a crossdraw holster while driving. This advantage is particularly pronounced with the Double Agent, which rides a little on the high side, and keeps the grip completely out of the way of G Why CrossdraW? Continued on page 56 22 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010

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