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American COP Sept/Oct 2010 - Page 16

G2G GOOD TO GO GEAR NITE WaTch MX10-201 by NITE WaTchEs Usa John Connor Most watches marketed for LE use are either cheap and flimsy with a stealth-ninja paint job, or a wrist-computer with 129 functions and more expensive than your second car. The NITE Watch MX10-201 is issued to UK Special Forces, has a great reputation for durability, and is ideal for cops. The guts are a Swiss-made Ronda 505.6 movement under a face illuminated by 15 tritium gas lamps. It’s waterproof to 100 meters using a push-in crown sealed by three O-rings and the real sapphire crystal has a triple non-reflective coating. Diameter is 1.65 inches and it weighs a solid 2.68 ounces. The battery typically lasts 45 months. Several different band types and materials are offered. No gizmos, widgets or secret decoder rings — the MX10-201 is just a superb, rugged timepiece done right. MSRP: $349.00 Now with ChitoGauze by TM Battlefield technology stops severe bleeding fast with antibacterial easy-to-handle Z-fold. Pantone 185 CVC Pantone 704 CVC Approx. 5” x 5.75” 5” Approx. 3.5” x ThE bEdsIdE backUp John Connor Whether at home or on the road, you can keep your sidearm handy while you snooze with CrossBreed’s BedSide Backup. This simple but ingenious device is formed from two sheets of coated steel, one slotted and the other having two projecting tabs to engage the slots, so the longer one slides between a mattress and box springs, and the shorter one, covered with Velcro, hangs flat against the bed. An included Velcro-backed hybrid kydex-and-leather Ojai holster, precisionmolded to fit your handgun, then sticks securely to the front and completes the arrangement. The BedSide Backup folds flat to fit in your luggage or inside a drawer when not in use, or, just slide both pieces between your mattress and box springs so you’re not advertising possession of a pistol to some uninvited visitor. It’s not a “child safety device,” but it’s simple, well made and fast. MSRP: $73.95 froM crossbrEEd holsTErs Approx. 5” x 7” A few ounces in your pocket could save your life. VACUUM SEALED FIRST AID SUPPLIES FOR THE EMERGENCY TREATMENT OF GUNSHOT, STAB WOUNDS AND OTHER TRAUMA 888 . 949. R ES Q (7377) Enter coupon code FACM0910 to receive a 10% discount from RESQ-PAK.COM * 16 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010

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