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For more information on seeing your product featured in Spotlight, contact Delano amaguin (888) 732-6461. GlADiAToR SUV lockUp Box Highway Products, inc. introducing the new Gladiator sUV lockup boxes, made in the Usa. Used by law enforcement to keep guns, ammo, evidence, raid gear and other expensive equipment locked up, it also keeps your gear out of site while giving fast access when needed. these 100-percent aluminum lockup boxes come with 400-pound drawer slides to carry anything you want and Highway Products uses their semi-truck locks for rugged, no-fail, security. they have standard-sized lockup boxes to fit any sUV, but pride themselves in customizing these units to fit each law officer’s individual needs with little extra cost. lifetime warranty! For more info: (800) 866-5269 or RockY BRAND BooTS, the leading online source for tactical needs, is proud to announce three new Rocky brand boots are now available. a Prolight 8-inch Duty Boot, a 1st Med 8-inch EMs Boot and the trailstalker Duty Hiker have been added to the 27 models of Rocky Boots now available to public safety professionals. these boots equip professionals who are on their feet all day long with rugged footwear, which incorporate the latest technology to deliver to performance, comfort, safety and style. For more info: (800) 852-6088 or MEDUSA TRi-RAil Minotaur tactical the Medusa tri-Rail for Remington 870 shotguns features three sturdy Picatinny rail platforms for solid installation of optics, lasers and accessories. included with the Medusa is a replacement rail featuring a sling swivel. the position of the side and bottom rails offers the shotgun operator a clean and easy alignment with the barrel when adding a laser sight or weapon light. For more info: pANcAkE AND iWB HolSTERS Missouri Gunleather, llc Missouri Gunleather has developed a new line of refined pancake holsters and iWB hybrid holsters. the pancake holsters are lined with the same top-grain leather on the inside as they use on the outside; thus reducing holster wear on the firearm, and practically doubling the useful life of the holster. the iWB hybrid holster is in a league of its own. Unlike most of their competitors, Missouri leather covers the entire barrel of the firearm. they also use some of the finest american-made leather money can buy and put the smooth “grain” side of the leather against the gun and your body. all holsters are made firearm specific and are cut to provide a full grip on the firearm. For more info: (636) 524-9757 or M408 tHOR GDG tHOR Global Defense Group continues to lead the way with innovative products with specific tactical applications. they have unveiled their newest long-range sniper system, the M408. the M408 system features a variety of options suited for enhanced accuracy, rigidity and superior firepower needed for military and law enforcement applications of both hard- and soft-target engagement. For more info: (479) 474-3434 or thor-rifles HEAVY DUTY HANGER VK Plastics Mark Mann of VK Plastics has designed, built, and obtained a patent for “the world’s strongest coat hanger.” this 3/4" wide by 181/2" long super hanger was originally designed to handle the heavy weight of all outdoor/activity clothing. its strength supports wet, heavy hunting clothes, motorcycle jackets, vests and pants at the same time. Your scuba wet suit will be safe. Body armor and bulletproof vests are stored off the floor where they can air out and be protected. tensile tested to over 100 pounds, this hanger is a product necessary to protect your investment. For more info: (716) 655-1784 or WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 59

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