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Most citizens are less hesitant to use pepper spray than a firearm. Training is still in order for proper use of it. Just as important as teaching family members how to shoot, is learning how to draw from whatever method they’ve chosen to carry their gun. Family SaFety B 44 efore you became a cop, you probably thought the rest of the world was full of nice folks with good intentions. Once you got on the street it probably didn’t take long to realize chaos is only a heartbeat away and trouble can occur anywhere. As a result, you likely started going about armed when off-duty, and worrying about your family’s safety when you weren’t at home or couldn’t be with them. Convincing your family evil always lurks just around the corner is WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011 Mindset, awareness and Tools Guns aren’t your only option for personal defense. A flashlight or tactical pen are viable options, and handy for many other uses. Richard Mann

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