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CARRY OPTIONs fROM HOlsTERs TO HAVERsACks. sAMMy REEsE Mika’s Pocket Holsters Front and back views of a Pocket Handcuff case. M I y days of working the streets are over, but my passion for teaching cops to stay alive on the job hasn’t waned a bit. During a recent handgun qualification shoot, I had two officers with catastrophic malfunctions. One was due to lack of maintaining the gun properly; the other was during malfunction drills with plastic dummy rounds. In both cases when the officers were standing on the X looking at a broken gun, I was telling them — actually, I increased the volume of my voice and used some creative adjectives — to transition to their backup weapon. How’s that for PC? Well, here’s the rub; neither had a backup. I asked what they were going to do since they were still in the middle of the gunfight. One handed me her pistol and ran off the range, the other replied, “I’ll just use my knife.” Lets just say, I had another Marine Corps moment. The first officer that hadn’t maintained his gun is a traffic guy, making huge OT in court and working DUI sweeps. The second is a sergeant who, by virtue of the three stripes, also makes a pretty damn good living. So, when the whining about how expensive backup guns are and how there’s nowhere to put one ended, I took my S&W 340 PD from my front pocket along with my Mika’s Pocket Holster, and handed it to them. I asked how much their lives were worth to their families. As they stared at their feet, I stated: “I don’t want to go to your funeral!” discovered Mika’s Pocket Holsters nearly 10 years ago. A DEA buddy of mine showed me his and that was it; I had to have one. The only time I’m not using one of my holsters by Robert Mika, is while I’m testing out a different manufacturer’s gear. Robert, a.k.a. Bob, designed this simple pocket holster, merely out of frustration. While working for LAPD, he couldn’t find a pocket holster to do what he desired — carry the gun comfortably and make it easily accessible — so he set out to achieve it himself. He’ll be the first to tell you, his holsters aren’t pretty but they’re extremely effective. Lately, Bob’s been experimenting with colors besides simply black. We spend loads of money on high-end, exotic skin holsters and beautifully carved rigs, only to hide them under a concealing garment; so I say, why not, go for it. If you don’t see Pocket Holsters what you want on Bob’s website, give him a call — he’ll make whatever you need. I’ve recently been experimenting with a Ruger LC9, the 9mm big brother to the .380 LCP, as a pocket pistol. Paired with Mika’s Pocket Holster and the right pants or jacket, it works fine. It even fit in my old duty-pant pockets. Make no mistake, this isn’t an air-weight revolver, but it’s comforting to know I have an A Ruger LC9 in a square-bottom Mika’s Pocket Holster. If you prefer a round bottom, it’s an option (pun intended). easily reloadable, 7+1 9mm pistol in my pocket. And as we speak, Bob is hard at work, making an offside pocket holster for a spare magazine — for me! 18 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2011

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