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SP401 Silent Partner by aDCO SaleS How many situations have you been in where later, you wished you could walk into sarge’s office, I.A. or a courtroom with video and audio proof of your legal, justified actions — and the culpable conduct of the defendant or complainant? The Silent Partner from ADCO can do it for you. The 10", 24-ounce rechargeable flashlight conceals a digital still and video camera lens centered between three Cree LEDs putting out 400 lumens of steady or strobe light, and a tiny microphone in the rubber grip ring. You can use the flashlight or the video cam independently, or team both so whatever your light illuminates, you record it. A built-in 4GB memory delivers up to 2,000 still photos or over 2 hours of video. Content downloads to your PC with the included USB cable. The precision-machined magnesium-alloy body is waterproof, ergonomic and the control buttons actually make sense. MSRP: $399. For info: INVESTIGATOR PEN A *NEW* SMALLER SIZE TACTICAL PEN THAT IS READY FOR THE LARGEST TASKS! ACTUAL SIZE Specs 4.25” Overall 3/8” DIAMETER by leaTherMan MUT MUlTi-Tool Everybody needs a good, compact multi-function tool, especially cops and other emergency personnel. Leatherman’s MUT Multi-Tool is the only one I know of with on-board tools specifically designed for military and LE shooters. Aside from all the usual handy widgets, like a 420 HC stainless combo straight/serrated blade, saw and needle-nose and regular pliers, the MUT provides multiple areas on the tool threaded for cleaning rods and brushes, a carbon scraper tool, bolt override tool, a firearm disassembly punch and screwdriver bits sized for military and civilian optics and mounts. Several of the hardest-use tools on the MUT are replaceable, like the wire cutters — for regular, hard and stranded wire — the punch and a cutting hook. Bits include Phillips #1-2 and 3/16", Phillips #2 and 1/4", Torx #15 and Hex 7/64". There’s even an effective hammer surface. Available in black or bright stainless, it retails for about $150. For info: PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR: TACTICAL KNIVES, PENS, TOOLS, ACCESSORIES, PERSONAL DEFENSE ITEMS HINDERER.indd 1 4/27/11 1:17:05 PM * 15 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

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