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American COP Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 66

WIN! THIS PACKAGE! THUnDER RAnCH REvolvER From the S&W Performance Center inClUDES THE S&W MoDEl 325 .45 ACP QuEStION1: $1,850! vAlUE: ovER QuEStIONS Ipurchaseproductsor servicesrelatedtolaw enforcementonline: (A)frequently (B)Occasionally (C)Infrequently (d)Never QuEStION2: Mygenderis: (A)Male (B)female QuEStION3: Myageis: (A)under30 (B)31to40 (C)41to50 (d)Over50 QuEStION4: includes A Thunder Ranch gun Rug and Defensive Revolver DvD! Mylawenforcement experienceis: (A)5yearsorless (B)6to10years (C)11to20years (d)Over20years 66 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010

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