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American COP Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 58

SPOTlIGHT 10x50 miLiTArY BiNocuLAr LrF Steiner Introducing the 10x50 Military Binocular Laser Rangefinder (LRF), a lightweight, laser-range-finding binocular. Unique and compact in design, the new 10x50 Military LRF is based on Steiner’s own military-tested/ military-approved, tried-and-true Porro-prism configuration. It integrates a sleek 2-button interface and a powerful laser rangefinder that outpaces its competition with a maximum ranging distance of 1,600 yards. For more info: gL-sHocK The Mako Group Introducing the GL-Shock: the first and only recoilcompensating collapsible stock for the M4 and AR-15. The GL-Shock, manufactured by FAB Defense in Israel, reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise for better control when firing. It is the perfect solution for AR-15s/AR-10s chambered in harder recoiling calibers (6.8 SPC, .308 Winchester, .450 Bushmaster, .50 Beowulf, etc.). The Mako Group offers collapsible stock kits for AK-47/74 and vz.58-style rifles, and for Remington and Mossberg shotguns, that can be combined with the GL-Shock to provide recoil reduction. For more info: uNiversAL veHicLe HANDguN HoLsTer mouNT Gum Creek Customs, LLC It is quick and it is accessible; our universal steering column mount is great for carrying a handgun in your vehicle. Use any type of holster with a belt loop, belt clip or slotted belt attachment. It works with commonly sized holsters and smallto-large handguns. Release the mount in seconds — no tools or modifications to vehicle required. Price: $34.95. For more info: TAcTicAL eNergY THOR Global Defense Group THOR Global Defense Group has pledged to donate a portion of all sales proceeds to Camp Patriot – a non-profit organization based in Libby, Mont., which takes disabled US Veterans on outdoor adventures, and helps enable them to live their dreams. Tactical Energy hopes to increase awareness of the Camp Patriot fund and supply customers with an excellent alternative to its major competitors. Tactical Energy boasts almost a 40-calorie cut vs. other top brands, and has a crisp, refreshing flavor. Future plans include a sugar-free, low-carb version as well as other similar products. The drink is an energizing blend of B-vitamins and their specially formulated combination of taurine, guarana and ginseng. For more info: sTeALTH QUIQLITE Inc. Announcing Stealth, a hands-free, 100-percent concealed light source for your uniform shirt pocket and tactical vest. It was designed to preserve night vision for military and tactical law enforcement applications. Stealth is manufactured from aluminum and is O-ring sealed with an epoxy-encased circuit board designed to withstand less than favorable conditions. Stealth’s new blacked-out 100-degree adjustable LED bezel (with visor) directs the light downwards away from your face preserving your night vision for a tactical advantage. For more info: exTeNDAcLYNs Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, LLC ExtendaClyns is a convenient, cost-effective, non-alcohol foam that is both a broad-spectrum hand sanitizer and a powerful first aid antiseptic. ExtendaClyns kills 99.9% germs that can cause infection and disease. The product works in as little as 15 seconds and provides a long-lasting effect for hours after it has been applied to the skin. In addition, since it does not contain alcohol, it is especially safe for first responders, corrections workers, government and military personnel. For more info: AcTive PoP-uP TArgeT sYsTem EMA Tactical This system is the easiest hit and time-scoring target system ever used by professionals. It is portable and wireless and only takes less than five minutes to set up and start shooting. It is a remotely controlled computerized system that allows the range instructor to program how long the target remains in an upright position based on the time or number of hits. For more info: 58 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010

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