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American COP Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 41

very cop can use and appreciate the Knife and Tool Care Kit by Sentry SoluE tions. A handy pouch holds TUF-Glide lube/ protectant, applicators, an award-winning TUF-Cloth and a GATCO Super Micro-X sharpener, which even sharpens serrated blades. This is the perfect gift for your tactical-toy freak’s knives and multi-tools. or any cop pushin’ a single-officer cruiser or investigator who’s flyin’ solo, 5.11 Tactical’s Wingman Patrol Bag is the best cruiser-carry setup we’ve seen in years. Outta-the-box capable and fully customizable, it’s sure to please. F O ur pals at Ranger UP designed the Saint Michael’s T-shirt so it can be worn on-duty with an opencollar uniform shirt and off-duty as a regular T. The cool graphic shows our patron saint puttin’ down a demonic dirtbag. It reads, “Non Timebo Mala — I Fear No Evil” — that’s you and your pals, ain’t it? Order from www.rangerup. com, enter promo code AmericanCOP2010 upon checkout and you’ll get free USPS Priority Mail shipping on any order, any size. Hey, you’re welcome! esigned based on hundreds of cop-customer comments, here’s Maxpedition’s JumboL.E.O. Versipack, optimized for us. Made typically Maxpedition-tough, slick and stylish too. Check out all the features at D W hen cops talk, SureFire listens, and their new Pen III was designed with us frequent-and-fast pen users in mind, featuring a “clickie” pen tip retraction system, and retaining all the strength, smooth writing and last-ditch defensive capability of its older brothers. Now available in mil-spec anodized black or tan, it’s a gift to last a lifetime. collaboration by martial artists and knife designers Fred Perrin, Philippe PeArotti and Sacha Thiel, the Perrin PPT folder from Spyderco strikes a perfect balance between utility and defensive capability. The fully flatground blade of CPM-S30V steel and corrugated G-10 handle scales make it sharp, smooth and agile. 41 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

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