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American COP Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 26

REALITY CHECK II COuNsEl, WIsDOM, GuIDANCE AND TEACHING. ClINT sMITH he use of patrol rifles for law enforcement has changed significantly over the last several years with a marked improvement in both training for tactical applications as well as general use of the rifle. Not all of the training is functional and appropriate for the task at hand with much emphasis being placed on the premise that somehow cops using rifles are now “operators.” Some argue since many of today’s cops do crossover work in or have come from the military, they could be considered “operators.” It’s enough to let the name go and place more energy into making sure police and their rifles are up to tasks they may confront day-to-day. The availability of rifles is stunning; with all the current sizes, types, gas and piston, trick barrels, lasers, lights, plastic and junk variations, it boggles the mind. Companies who five years ago SPIkeS taCtICal T tWOfOR PAtROl For her, the ST-15 M4 and for him, the Havoc 37mm — both from Spike’s Tactical. Can you say, “yee-haw”? The I couldn’t spell r-i-f-l-e are now in hot pursuit of their market share — even if their rifle isn’t up to the task of functionality, not to mention during conflict applications. Should this sound cynical or tacky I should point out over the last two years I’ve received several rifles to test/evaluate from manufacturers and they didn’t function or fire beyond several magazines full of ammo or without having parts fall off during the testing. The junk is out there. n Vietnam KTs were Killer Teams — a glorious name for heavily armed 18 year olds who often wandered around in the dark looking for a fight … often with success. My current KT is Kane Tierney from Spike’s Tactical. Many of you already know of or have solid equipment from Spike’s. For more than a decade, Spike’s Tactical has been Got Havoc on a significant, worthwhile your back? contributor in the law enforcement marketplace. I recently got two rifles from Spike’s KT to use for training and use in a very small assistance role I do for the local LEO community. The guns tested well and with many other options proved to be solid functional gear — a good thing if you ever need a gun in a fight. 26 KT The Rifle Gun M y Spike rifle is the ST-15 M4 caliber .223 rifle. From front to rear it’s dressed with a Vortex-type flash hider screwed to an 18" barrel cut in the M4 format. The gas block is standard M4 format containing a front sight. I changed the forearm to a small round type because my round one already has a SureFire X400 light on it, so it made for an easy change-out to give me white light capability. The receiver is equipped with a numbered rail top and a flip-up rear sight. The high polish bolt operated smoothly Continued on page 59 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2010

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