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American COP Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 17

Continued fron page 14 GOOD TO GO GEAR G2G Broadhead Backup Blade By pinkerton knives John Connor Dirk Pinkerton is an acknowledged master of small to mediumsize knife designs and his Broadhead is a great illustration of that. Stable in the hand in a variety of grips — index finger through the hole, thumb flat over it, forward or reverse grip — it “maximizes the minimum” in size, weight and bulk. Handmade from a single bar of 154 CM steel, it has two chisel-ground 1.5" cutting edges and a wicked-sharp stiff point. The Kydex sheath with detachable belt loop allows it to be worn in almost any position. Dirk handcrafts Broadheads one at a time, but military and LE personnel get priority, and if several of you order as a group, he can work more efficiently and deliver faster. At $75, it’s bargain-priced life insurance. ND 100L CoLD-Weather Duty GLoves by hWI Gear John Connor Few good gloves are designed around a human hand manipulating weapons and tools — that’s what HWI Gear does — and well. For freezing cold, HWI’s found a synthetic leather, which remains highly supple at extreme temps for the palms and undersides of the fingers. On top, brushed neoprene assures a flexible all-weather fit. Full liners of waterproof, breathable Hipora and 80 grams of Thinsulate keep `em warm. Rubber reinforcements on the heels of the hand and fingertips — except the index fingers — provide wear resistance, and an elastic cuff with hook and loop closure cinch `em down snug. The index (trigger) finger on each hand is wrapped smooth, not stitched with a stiff, bulky seam, providing terrific trigger-finger dexterity. MSRP is just $21 per pair! Patent Pending * WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 17

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