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American COP May/June 2011 Digital Edition - Page 56

OTSPOT LIGHT a.3051 BlaCkoUt WatCh Luminox Come over to the dark side with the Luminox Blackout Watch Collection. The watches, hands and numerals are all black. The dial is a very dark gray. Only the tritium gas tubes provide a hint of the time during daylight hours. At night, it’s an entirely different story, as the blue and orange tritium gas tubes glow brightly for easy time visibility. The Blackout is a most unusual watch; it is handsome, rugged and mysterious. The model 3051-BO is made from lightweight carbon-reinforced polyurethane. It has a supple and durable Luminox signature rubber dive strap. The watch is made to US Navy SEAL Specifications and exceeds all Navy SEAL requirements. For more info: (415) 455-9500 or p290 SUBCoMpaCt 9MM piStol SIG SAUER The SIG SAUER P290 Sub-Compact 9mm pistol, in DAO, has a snag-resistant, sleek design for concealed carry and backup use. The stainless slide carries SIG SAUER serrations, and is finished in natural stainless finish or black Nitron finish. Features include engravable polymer customized grip plates in aluminum, wood and polymer. Overall length is 5.5" and sights are contrast/ SIGLITE night sights. For more info: (603) 772-2302 or www.americancopmagazine. com/sigsauer light For liFe 5.11 Tactical The UC3.400 Light for Life flashlight is unlike any flashlight you’ve ever used. Utilizing advanced capacitor technology, it uses no batteries and charges in just 90 seconds giving you up to 4 hours of run time. Priced at $169.99, the 5.11 Light for Life now comes with both a DC charger and AC adapter. It will be the last flashlight you ever need. For more info: (866) 451-1726 or www.americancopmagazine. com/511tactical dUal taCtiCal Sight gen ii Kruger Optical This sight addresses the two main needs of the tactical professionals of today; the first being the need to engage targets up close and personal and the second to engage them at mid to long ranges. The DTS incorporates two separate sighting systems into a single scope. The user can easily switch back and forth between close- and long-range targeting without ever leaving his “good” shooting position. The scope has two modes: a high-resolution 1X reflex sight with red-dot reticle for close-quarter engagement, plus a 2-8X40 long-range-zoom sight with Mil-dot reticle for long-range sighting. For more info: (888) 526-7779 or kruger rapid aCCeSS deFenSe Storage SySteM Caron Forensics Caron Forensics introduces the Rapid Access Defense (RAD4). RAD4 is designed for the storage and fast presentation of defensive weapons. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically in various concealed locations throughout your home or office. It’s designed to accommodate handguns and other tactical weapons, such as flashlights, knives, etc. by means of a dual-rail mounting system. RAD4 comes standard with a handgun holder, flashlight holder and magnetic clip holder. For more info: (800) 648-3042 or 56 deCal grip kp380 Decal Grip Introducing the new KP380 design grip aimed at giving positive grip enhancement for the new Kahr P380 series. This cutting-edge product will be extremely valuable to law enforcement professional. Decal Grip panels are pre-cut to fit and offer either a soft rubber cobblestone grip or a grittier, more tactile sand grip. These panels besides looking OEM, easily attach to the frame and slide for a superior grip without increasing bulk for everyday/ everywhere, on/off-duty carry, and are excellent in all kinds of weather. The grips are resistant to solvents and oils and are easily replaced or removed. For more info: fax (800) 860-6574 or taCtiCal WeaponS SiMUlatorS Laser Shot Inc. TWS is Laser Shot’s fully customizable force option trainer. This system allows instructors to choose from a variety of marksmanship and judgmental courseware packages, and select the weapon options including simulated recoil weapons, drop-in kits, laser trainers and much more. Set up and deploy the system rapidly with minimal training. Available in two convenient platforms for classroom settings or training on the go. Fore more info: (866) 365-SHOT(7468) or WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011

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