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American COP May/June 2011 Digital Edition - Page 44

Here, Jeremy takes part in a final day “Man-On-Man” shootoff. This kind of pressure shows how well (or not) you operate under stress. e m o H g n i m Co d n e S ’ t f i H S At Good teachers like to get “hands-on” when teaching. Here, teacher Sheriff Ken Campbell, a Gunsite adjunct instructor, hones a student’s form on the roll-over prone at 25 yards. E T I s N u G E h T E v I s N E f E D 250 s s A l C l O T PIs A uGh JEREMy D. Cl O cademy and semi-annual qualification simply aren’t enough training and practice for you to develop the skills required to survive a shooting. In real-world shootings cops hit their intended target somewhere around 20 percent of the time; that’s four misses for every five rounds fired. That’s also four little lawsuits findingsometargetyoudidn’tintend,orfourroundsworth oftimeduringwhichthebadguyisshootingatyou—and maybenotmissing. Consider also pistol bullets are lousy stoppers. While mostofuscarryhollowpoints,only50percentofthoseactuallyexpandaccordingtotheFBI.Butself-defenseisn’ta mathproblem,it’satimeproblem,andwhoevergetsrounds on-targetfirst,lives. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011 44

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