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American COP May/June 2011 Digital Edition - Page 42

Hornady ASYM Precision Influence The Decision! T he latest and greatest, super, ultra, tactical, hot, devastator, LE-only ammo means nothing — if you miss. There are too many variablesinvolvedintryingtocurethoseills.The draw,gunhandlingskills,triggercontrol,sight pictureandstresscontrolarejustsomeofthe skillsnecessarytomakeitthroughareallybad day.Sotheleastadecision-makerordecision-influencer (you?)shoulddoisprovidetheircopswiththebestammunitionavailable.Atleastgetthatright.Right? Dave Douglas 42 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MAY/JUNE 2011

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