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American COP May/June 2010 - Page 69

vANTAGE POINT Continued from page 70 vANTAGE POINT The JUDGe evolveS T aurus has taken their pretty-cool-as-a-back-up-gun, the .410/.45 Colt “Judge” revolver, and made it even cooler. The latest evolution, straight from the 2010 SHOT Show, is the polymer-framed version called the “Public Defender Poly.” The gun is lightweight, and the short-barreled version is comfortable in the hand. It comes with a carbon steel or stainless steel cylinder, “Ribber” grips and fixed, red fiber optic sights. MSRP will be around $570. Who says cops can’t like Public Defenders? For more info: Now In Fun Colors opefully you’re familiar with Quick Strips from Tuff Products. For those of you asleep at the wheel, Quick Strips are these nifty plastic (urethane) ammo holders that hold from two to eight rounds. They’re great for holding your extra rounds to make reloading a breeze, and fit into almost any pouch or pocket. Well now Nat Stevens, creative genius behind Tuff Products, is offering Quick Strips in colors other than black. Think of it as a means of color-coding your ammo — yellow for less-lethal (bean bag rounds), as an example. Depending on the caliber and number of rounds to be held, a two-pack will set you back a mere $12. For more info: H doing the nuMbers POLICEOffICERs/shERIff’s dEPutIEs. fIshANdGAMEWARdENs. tRANsItANdRAILROAdPOLICE. CORRECtIONsOffICERs(stAtE) ANdCOuNtyJAILERs. $51,410 $48,930 $46,670 lso from the 2010 SHOT Show, S&W introduced a pair of new Bodyguards, and no, I’m not talking about knuckle-dragging behemoths paid by celebrities to pommel paparazzi. I’m referring to the polymerframed .380 auto and the polymer-framed J-frame .38 revolver — and both come from the factory with built-in Insight Technology lasers. Aside from being light and compact (perfect as a back-up gun or evening-out gun), the best part of the J-frame revolver is the cylinder release is located just behind the top-strap. This truly makes it an ambidextrous gun. The .38 holds five shots of .38 S&W Special +P and weighs about 14 oz. The .380 has a 6+1 mag cap and weighs about 11 oz. Expect to pay around $575 for the auto and $625 for the revolver. For more info: A My BodyguArd $38,380 $37,820 bAILIffs. fEdERALCORRECtIONsOffICERs. PRObAtIONOffICERs. Median salaries as of May 2008 From Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey Program WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM $53,459 $45,910 he crew at STI has been at it for 20 years now and to celebrate (in their usual over-the-top way), they introduced their 20th Anniversary Limited Edition gun — in gold, of course. Okay, so it’s not really gold, it’s steel that’s Titanium Nitride (TIN) coated to give the slide, ambidextrous thumb safeties, beavertail grip safety and magwell that pimped look. The frame and barrel have been PVD coated. This beauty has an adjustable rear sight and a Dawson fiber optic front sight. It’s so pimp maybe they should’ve mounted the sights on the side of the slide? Only 200 of them were made and they sold out in less than two days — damn. You can look at the purdy pictures on their web site. But if you want your very own gold gun, give ‘em a call; they’ll probably be able to accommodate you — somehow. For more info: You Can’t Have One T * 69

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