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American COP May/June 2010 - Page 50

kimber’S Two-ShoT Tiny Terror Mark hanten pepper blaSTer The Guardian Pepper Blaster practice unit allows for two training shots to get the hang of the aiming and trigger. The generous spread of the 10-percent Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) charge allows for a 12" cloud from 8' to 13' downrange. nother less lethal alclosing, gagging and an intense burning of ternative for you to the skin. This physiological reaction norconsider for either mally gives the person deploying the deyourself or a family vice the distraction opportunity they need member is Kimber’s to quickly escape the dangerous situation. Pepper Blaster pepper spray deployment system. The Pepper The practice unit allows you, or your famBlaster is charged with two sepa- ily, to get some real world experience with Taking The Shot rate loads of 10 percent Oleoresin Deploying the Pepper Blaster is very the Pepper Blaster. Capsicum (OC) with 2.4-percent intuitive for shooters and easily trained to capsaicinoids, which is a strong irritant derived from hot pep- non-shooters. It’s really nothing more than pushing a removable pers. OC spray has replaced most other chemical agents used trigger block out of the way, pointing the device at the subject, by law enforcement as an alternative force option for use on and pulling the trigger. The maximum effective range is 13', and combative and actively resisting subjects. While none of the the minimum safe discharge distance is two feet, with the ideal less lethal/non-lethal chemical sprays are 100 percent effec- range being about eight feet. The OC jet has a diameter of about tive, it’s generally very effective in stopping an attack or at 10" to 12" at this range, and it maintains this size of a “cloud” out least creating a diversion for escape. to its maximum range of 13'. To gain confidence in the system, What is unique about the Pepper Blaster when compared to Kimber offers practice units which shoot a jet of blue dye rather conventional spray forms of OC, is the deployment method. than OC. When you give one of these devices to someone, like I The Pepper Blaster uses a percussion primer to blast a jet of OC did with my 17-year old son this last Christmas, make sure you at the intruder at a rate of 90 MPH (approximately 132 fps). As advise them it’s charged and ready to go, or you might end up the 6 ml charge of OC travels toward the subject at 90 MPH, with a blue spot on your wall right beside the fireplace, it creates a vapor cloud which penetrates around glasses and under the mantle, where it sorta’ drips down. No, really. into the eyes and pores of the subject, as well as into the nostrils and mouth, if open. The OC causes involuntary tearing, eye For more info: 50 a * WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MAY/JUNE 2010

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