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American COP Magazine March/April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 45

vANTAGE PoiNT Continuedfrompage46 y cell phone is a constant companion, whether I like it or not. M CRKT’s iNoxCase for iPhone 4/4S really caught my eye. It’s made of stainless steel and has a sleek, modern look creating a hip exoskeleton around my phone. With the minimalist styling, all the buttons and features remain easily accessible, and you don’t have to remove the case in order to dock the phone. It comes in stainless, gold, black or rainbow for $59.99, or Realtree AP HD camo for $69.99. A screen protector, felt pad to ensure snug fit and spare parts are all included too. I dropped it … nothing broke. iNoxCase Stuff I LIke master series lasergrips ay it with me, “ooh, aah … purdy grips.” Crimson Trace has raised the bar (again) with their Master Series Lasergrips; the set shown is for an Officer’s ACP-sized grip frame. Oh, and they’re made from real rosewood. Everything else about them is what you’ve come to expect from Crimson Trace. You lefties got nothing to worry about either; they’re compatible with ambi-safeties. Go ahead, dress up ‘yer gun. crimson-trace S Centerfire Laser. The .380 LCP is also available with the laser option, so it gives a .380 or 9mm choice in a small, defensive pistol equipped with the LaserMax system and its ambi-switch. ugers new LC9 (Shooting Industry Academy r of Excellence Handgun of the Year award winner) is now available factory equipped with a LaserMax laserMax & ruger point Ballistic Shades recently attended a writer’s semi inar and was given a pair of Numa’s Point Ballistic glasses to try. I was pleasantly surprised they actually fit my skinny little pinhead, and did a remarkable job of keeping dirt and debris out of my eyes. Mine, shown here complete with dust and smudges still on ‘em, have high-contrast mandarin lenses in them — I’m at the age where my eyes need all the help they can get — the optics were great. We blasted another pair with #5 personal defense loads from about 15 yards away, and the glasses stood their ground. Would I want to ever get blasted with a shotgun? Hell no! But if these glasses can hold up to this, imagine how they’ll protect your eyes from the normal junk flung at them. Numa Sport Optics has a variety of styles in black or tan, starting at around $100. My eyes are certainly worth $100, are yours? www.americancopmagazine. com/numa WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 45 vANTAGEPoiNT f there were such a thing as FA (Flashlights Anonymous), I’d be the founding member. I’d bring out a huge box of lights, empty my pockets and purse, and ask the group to help me understand the need for 100 lights. I still use most of them for one thing or another. I recently added several Brite-Strike Tactical BlueDots to my collection: the BD-180-1C, BD-198-2C and the EPLI. The 180-1C runs on a single cell (123A Lithium) and the 198-2C runs on two, while the EPLI runs on two AAA alkaline batteries. These lights are plenty bright for their size, and their compact dimensions make them easy to stuff in a pocket or purse. Brite-Strike recesses the tailcap switch so you can’t accidentally bump it on when it’s tucked away. The lights are LED and you can choose models with or without strobe. www. i TaCTiCal Blue-DoT lighTs Urban SUrvival M IL-TAC’s “Urban Survival Pack” (basic) is just that — about everything you’d need in one handy spot when the tornado hits. It’s filled with MILTAC goodies like the MTF-2 folding knife, TDP-1 Defense Pen, Inova X-1 LED light, all-weather notebook and an SOG Multi-Tool, neatly held in MILTAC’s Utility Pack. Priced separately, it all adds up to over $400 but as a kit it’s about $270, a screamin’ deal. One-stop shopping, as it were, and all top quality products!

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