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American COP Magazine March/April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 30

The Meprolight MOR combines a rugged reflex sight with both visible and IR laser sights. GEARiNG sWAT hARD Tools FoR hARD TRooPs JohN moRRisoN t doesn’t matter what you call them. They’re the cops who roll out of blocky vehicles looking like enormous scarab beetles with guns, alternating spooky silent movements with ear-splitting noises and flashes of light until All Bad Things become very, very calm. They’ve got weapons and tactics, and they are, well … special, and they need special equipment to get the job done. There’s so much new gear in the field, all we can do here is hit some highlights and pick a few winners; so let’s roll. UP FoR i Leupold’s HAMR features a 4x24mm main optic with a top-mounted DeltaPoint red-dot sight. Optimum Ordnance BatlSkin modular helmet sytem from Revision Military, a division of Revision Eyewear. 30 The B.E.A.R. Elite (Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle) by Adcor Defense might be the most SWAT-specific, ready-to-rock 5.56mm carbine yet. The name might be new to you, but Adcor has been a prime national defense systems contractor for over 20 years. While it conforms to standard AR dimensions and controls, several features distinguish the B.E.A.R Elite. A patented new gas-piston system is attached to the rail, facilitating a true free-floating barrel. The railed fore-end is in two parts, upper and lower, both of which are rigidly key-locked in position and easily removed and replaced without tools. The flattop 12 o’clock rail gives you a foot of 1913 mount space, added to 7" at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Mounted within the rail system is a non-reciprocating charging handle WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH/APRIL2012

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