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American COP March/April 2011 Digital Edition - Page 57

For more information on seeing your product featured in “Spotlight,” contact Denny Fallon (800) 426-4470. tru xtrEME coMBat Shirt TRU-SPEC The TRU XTREME Combat Shirt features a no melt, no drip, 60/40 cotton nylon CORDURA base-layer body, and 50/50 CORDURA nylon cotton rip-stop sleeves. It¹s the comfortable alternative to wear under a ballistic vest. The lightweight, super soft base-layer material breathes, wicks away moisture, helps protect against flash fires and reduces burn injuries. The shirt contains an interchangeable tunnel system and tripockets on the lower sleeves. It is available in black, khaki, olive drab, navy and MultiCam, in a wide range of sizes. For more info: hi-caP MagazinES SureFire Introducing the release of the hi-capacity 60- and 100-round aluminum magazines for .223/5.56mm NATO M4/M16/ AR15-style firearms. These new hi-cap magazines (HCMs) — dubbed the MAG5-60 and MAG5-100 — are designed to provide military units with an overwhelming tactical advantage in the delivery of firepower. SureFire HCMs easily and securely fit into the host weapon, with the bolt closed, when loaded with the maximum round count. The design of the magazine takes into account the allowable tolerances of cartridges manufactured to NATO and SAAMI specifications. For more info: (800) 828-8809 or Shotlock Solo-Vault ShotLock Designed to hold a single shotgun, the ShotLock Solo-Vault is the first product designed to keep homedefense shotguns both secure and accessible. More people are using a shotgun as a home-defense weapon; but there has never been a convenient and secure way to store one, while still keeping it quick and easy to access. The ShotLock Solo-Vault solves that problem. Constructed of 14-gauge steel, the ShotLock stores a single semi-auto, pump or over/under shotgun. The small and compact size allows it to be mounted securely anywhere in the home or a vehicle. For more info: (800) 967-8107 or www.americancopmagazine. com/shotlock SEconD chancE SuMMit SEriES niJ-06 BalliStic VESt Safariland Second Chance has always been committed to simplistic ballistic designs that offer optimum comfort. According to the new standard, body armor must now be able to defend against increased velocities of ammunition calibers, to better reflect current street threats and law enforcement duty weapons. The Series is hybrid engineered with Teijin Twaron aramids, Core Matrix technology and Honeywell’s patented Gold RS. The combination of these materials, including Kevlar XP, helps provide enhanced ballistic performance. Available in threat Types IIA, II and IIIA, respectively, each model offers balanced performance, while optimizing flexibility and comfort for daily wear. For more info: (800) 347-1200 or www.americancopmagazine. com/safariland cElo 1ED & 2ED carry BagS Disse Gear Disse Gear bags are multi-functional and are great for use from concealed carry to outdoor photography. The Celo 1ED and 2ED Multi-Functional Carry Bags are rugged in design and comfortable to carry. These new carry bags are high quality and built to last. The Celo 1ED is compact in design, yet large enough to carry the necessities. Its counter-part, the Celo 2ED, is a full-size carry bag with even greater room to take along the needs of the day. For more info: (888) 8545605 or 1911 icE MagwEll Dawson Precision Dawson Precision’s new design “key locks” the 1911 Ice Magwell to the special checkered mainspring housing, both of which are CNC machined to precise tolerances. The shooter’s grip is solid and improved because of the ergonomic design of the magwell itself, resulting in a better hand-to-magwell contact. Shooters can also modify their existing mags and basepads to fit the new DP Ice Insert. The 1911 Ice Magwell fits IPsC and IDPa boxes, so as to be fully compliant with the practical shooting sports’ rules and regulations. With its low-profile design, the magwell is perfect for law enforcement, concealed carry and tactical applications. For more info: (254) 793-0150 or dawsonprecision PDS PiStol Rock River Arms The Rock River Arms Piston Driven System (PDS) Pistol is the first of a new generation of firearms. The PDS uses a purposedesigned bolt carrier, an adjustable gas piston and an over-the-barrel spring and guide-rod arrangement. It is able to completely eliminate the traditional recoil system associated with AR-style firearms. For more info: (309) 792-5780 or WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 57

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