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American COP March/April 2011 Digital Edition - Page 17

by Us PeacekeePer Less LethaL Pack PREMIUM 1911 PARTS AND LOGO GEAR I didn’t understand why some NTOA testers went nuts over the Less Lethal Pack until I loaded it up, adjusted it and used it. Not only does it fill a virtually empty niche, it’s ergonomic, fast and versatile. Inside the main compartment is room for six 37mm less-lethal munitions, and a wide elastic band secures added gear. Outside are 12 elastic loops for 12-gauge munitions, and the sides bear MOLLE-compatible straps for attaching modular pouches. Velcro strips attach a flap to the top and bottom of the pack and there’s an orange Velcro-backed patch on the flap to provide quick visual ID of less-lethal contents. There’s a loop-pile-lined zippered compartment for securing a modular holster or other goodies. The wide, comfortable shoulder strap has more attachment options. If you’ve got the less-lethal gear, this is your pack. MSRP: $53.99 by ontario Knife CoMpany When the Marine Corps went looking for a lightweight, grunt-proof tool, which could cut every seatbelt, restraint, article of combat clothing and gear — even their boots — the Model 4 won with a bullet. The Corps immediately ordered 150,000 of them in coyote brown. Now that’s a recommendation! The 7x2" Mod 4 houses a field-replaceable titanium-nitride-treated blade in its non-reflective hardened aluminum frame. Its shape and textured powder-coat finish provide a sure, intuitive grip with bare or gloved hands. The cutter and its flame-retardant MOLLE sheath – which stows spare blades in a pocket – weigh only 3 ounces. I didn’t try cutting my boots, but it zipped through paracord, webbing and heavy nylon with ease. MSRP: $42.64 ontarioknife Model 4 Strap Cutter          Magazines Night Sights Custom Parts Grips Leather Premium Finishes .22 LR Conversions Custom Shop Logo Apparel * Order direct at or (914) 964-0742, or visit a Kimber Master Dealer © 2011 Kimber Mfg., Inc. All rights reserved. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 17

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