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American COP March/April 2010 - Page 64

WIN! THIS PACKAGE! SureFire X300 LED WeaponLight SureFire Sonic Defenders plus hearing protection CamelBak TriZip Hydration Pack QUESTION 2: haS yOUr agENcy cUT ThE NUmBEr Of QUalIfIcaTION ShOOTS DUE TO BUDgET cONcErNS? (a) yES (B) NO QUESTIONS QUESTION 1: DOES yOUr agENcy prOvIDE ENOUgh IN-hOUSE TraININg ThrOUghOUT ThE yEar? (a) yES (B) NO QUESTION 3: haS yOUr agENcy rEDUcED Or DIScONTINUED pracTIcE ammO DUE TO BUDgET cONcErNS? (a) yES (B) NO Wiley X NERVE Goggles QUESTION 4: IS yOUr agENcy kEEpINg paTrOl carS IN SErvIcE fOr hIghEr mIlEagE ThaN prEvIOUS rEplacEmENT TImES? (a) yES (B) NO QUESTION 5: IS yOUr agENcy SUffErINg cUTBackS IN STaffINg Of SpEcIalIzED UNITS TO cOvEr paTrOl? (a) yES (B) NO Total Value: Over $1,200! SureFire LX2 LumaMax combat light WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010 64

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