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American COP March/April 2010 - Page 44

aN ulTImaTe off-duTY auTo Although small in the hand, the R9 is significantly more comfortable to shoot than a titanium revolver with equally potent loads. 0 Mark Hanten ROHRBAUGH’S R9 SERIES substantially narrowed the performance gap between larger and smaller calibers. They also know the 9mm cartridge has probably accounted for way more fatalities than all other handgun calibers combined. In my mind, the 9mm cartridge offers the best balance between magazine capacity and firepower of any round available. While that doesn’t necessarily make it the best cartridge for all situations, I think it makes it the best for a highly concealable worst-case scenario handgun. In real life, at least in my real life, sometimes I just need a very concealable gun. Where I live, it’s nearly 90 degrees today, and it’s the middle of November. Sure that’s unseasonably warm for this time of year even for my neck of the woods, but you get the point. Warm weather equals light clothing, which in turn, equals diffiThese finely crafted pistols are precision machined using state-of-the-art CNC culty in concealing your pistol. I don’t like being without a pistol. In fact, I really don’t like being machines. The quality shows from every angle. Mark’s ran 100 percent. without a pistol, and if you are among those of igger isn’t always better, yet when we’re talking us who like to identify ourselves as sheepdogs, then I expect you defensive handguns, we generally like big. Big don’t like it much either. I want you there with something to defend bore, big capacity, big performance, you know — yourself when that worst-case scenario happens to you or to somebig. And like most general rules, there are excepone you care about. tions and when it comes to packing a protection pistol, sometimes smaller is better. You just can’t Shooting the R9s always discretely carry a full size 1911, so you have to make some compromises. You have to make compromises in the numThe R9s shoots great. The R9s is the “sighted” version of the ber of rounds, compromises in the shootability of the gun, and, R9. It has a low profile rear sight groove and front blade sight mauntil now, significant compromises in caliber. chined into the slide. I didn’t actually shoot an R9 (without the While that debate will rage forever, most will agree shot sights), but after shooting the R9s, I can’t imagine why you would placement is much more important than the size of the round. get one without the sights. I understand this gun is designed as a They also know high quality controlled expansion bullets have last resort, up-close and personal defensive pistol. Several of the de- 0 B 44 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • MARCH/APRIL 2010

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