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American COP March/April 2010 - Page 19

i think i’ve worn out more patrol bags than some rookies have worn out socks, and some have hit the dumpster before their time. Too small, way too big, nearly indestructible but heavier than the gear i put in `em, or the zippers gave up just about the time the bottom was rippin’ out. if your old bag is ready for a “cash for clunkers” program, Hatch won’t pay you for your old bag, but they’ve got a nice one waiting for you: The D1 Patrol Duty Bag. The D1’s size is a just right 25 inches long, ten inches wide by twelve inches high. The fabric is 840-denier treated water-resistant nylon with a PVc backing, so it’s both light and durable. The main interior compartment, which is 18x8x12 inches, has an adjustable divider and removable rigid bottom, two zippered cargo pockets and six pen/pencil pockets. Access is made easy by two zippers surrounding the top, so it opens up completely, like it’s a big padded lid. Outside, there are two zippered cargo pockets, two flip-top pockets and three open-top pockets. Additionally, there are hook-and-loop straps on top to secure a flashlight or baton. Strap handles and a removable nylon shoulder strap are your carry options. When i first saw the D1, i thought somebody must have taken a patrol officer’s gear, dumped it out and said, “Okay; exactly where should what gear go, for accessibility and protection?” What a radical concept in patrol bag design, huh? i checked a half-dozen online sources and found the D1 priced from $39.95 to $45 — not bad at all for the quality. For more info: D1 PAtrol Duty BAg By hAtch John connor corP. MVf-515 MoDulAr VerticAl foregriP — neW! froM John connor criMson trAce Why take up three chunks of rail on your Ar with a flashlight, laser and vertical grip when you can get all three in one unit? The new MVF-515 by crimson Trace is a totally integrated light and laser-bearing foregrip, which gives you three programmable modes: momentary, strobe, or constant-on. You can select use of the light, the laser, or both via independent power switches, placed so they cannot be accidentally nudged on or off. You can “lock out” one or the other at will, if you like. independent and ambidextrous activation switches on both sides control the light and laser. i found them to be easy to use and fairly gloved-hand friendly too. The light is a replaceable 150-200 lumen LeD module. rotating the light body can vary intensity, though i think most users will just keep it cranked to maximum. The beam, a balanced spot-and-corona, seems very suitable for both room searches and longer-range outside work. The red laser is a powerful 633nm beam, fully adjustable for windage and elevation. The body of the grip bears reinforced nylon panels, aggressively textured on the front and back. Activation switches are covered and protected with rubber overmoldings. The full-length core tang is hard-coated aircraft aluminum, and the recoil lugs and hardware are Parkerized steel. A two-screw Picatinny rail mount keeps the unit rock-solid in place. Two cr123 batteries provide over four hours of light illumination, and a minimum 48 hours runtime on the laser. An infrared laser is available to Le agencies. Overall, it’s a light, strong and nimble chunk of technology selling for $469. For more info: * 19 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

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