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American COP Jan/Feb 2011 Digital Edition - Page 44

Hoffner’s SpecRail thigh rigs carry a lot of gear securely and right at your fingertips. The A.S.R. – Active Shooter Response Bag from Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement is stable on the move and ambidextrous. Here’s the Tactical III headset and tiny Remote Ring PTT unit from Otto Excellence, a leader in tactical communications accessories. hether you call them moving shooter, active shooter, suicide or mass shooter incidents, there’s no disagreement about their future likelihood in America. Ask anyone with an IQ over nine if we’ll see more of them, and the only answer is “yes,” followed by “and a lot more of them.” To date, we’ve been heavy on moving shooter incidents driven by bad brain chemistry and sheer sociopathy, and relatively light on those fueled by religious or political ideology. With the notable exception of Fort Hood, most of the latter have been bombing incidents or classic barricaded-shooter episodes; mostly SWAT missions in which the standard perimeter-containment tactics apply, and time is on our side. That’s definitely not the case with active shooters. We’ve learned the hard way: From the instant the first shot is fired, every second counts. There’s no time to huddle up in the parking lot; no time to change into your SWAT suit or put on full Ninja-Turtle gear and no time to sift through trunk-junk and assemble your assets. Either you’ve got your moving-shooter ducks WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 44

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