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American COP Jan/Feb 2011 Digital Edition - Page 42

New, ClassIC, Neo-ClassIC Holsters John Morrison & Right: The 5JR TB-EXP, part of the Express Line from Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gunleather is made with cops in mind. Built for many years of cop use, it’s hand fitted and made from the highest quality cowhide — 100 percent made and tanned in the USA. The belt slide holster features a thumb break snap for those whose agencies require them. Left and above: Sturdy belts are just as important as holsters. Also made from super-high quality cowhide and sure to last a near lifetime, Mitch Rosen makes the BHL-EXP. This is a 1.5" belt handsome enough to use as a dress belt — strong enough to withstand the weight of a gun and holster. There’s no point in getting a great holster and then sticking it on a department store belt. See how it compliments this USD-EXP? Right: Galco offers two lighter, less expensive ankle rigs, but if you carry this way constantly, especially if it’s a larger gun, their Ankle Glove is designed for the ultimate in speed, security and comfort. Made for a long list of handguns up to the Glock 19, it’s sheepskin-lined and can be further stabilized with an optional detachable calf strap. Built for the toughest duty and harshest environments, Lawman Leather’s S.T.U. — Severe Tactical Use Shoulder Holster — is an all-leather rig, which is 99.9 percent resistant to salt water, river algae, mud, sand, urine blood and body fluids. f it’s not secure, you lose your gun. If it’s not fast, you lose your life, and as Bill Jordan said, “There ain’t no second-place winner in a gunfight.” If it’s not comfortable, you’re not going to wear it. If it’s not durable, it’s not worth your money. If it’s not concealable and it’s supposed to be, somebody with a good eye and a bad attitude may pop a cap in you before you know there’s a problem. Lots of cops, including me, have gone through their careers with boxes of “loser” holsters on shelves. I learned not to feel too I Incredibly durable, it can simply be washed with antibacterial cleansers, dried and returned to duty. It doesn’t hurt that it’s comfortable too. BIg & lIttle, WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011 42

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