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American COP Jan/Feb 2011 Digital Edition - Page 17

Continued fron page 14 GOOD TO GO GEAR G2G G2X and 6PX TacTical liGhTs by sureFire The economy’s down, costs are up and your money’s shrinking. SureFire said Roger that, and produced four new tactical lights featuring SureFire reliability, increased power and their lifetime guarantee at record low prices. And they didn’t go to China to accomplish it, either. They took the respected G2 and 6P LED lights and simply used Mil-Spec Type II hard anodizing instead of over-the-top Type III, polished polymer reflectors versus machined aluminum, and the heads are non-removable. Both the G2X and 6PX are offered in Tactical and Pro versions. Tacticals are single-stage producing 200 lumens, with tailcap-push for momentary beam and tailcap-twist for constant-on. The Pros are 2-stage, putting out 15 lumens with the first click and 200 lumens on the second. Their LEDs are balanced bright white and microprocessor controlled for long runtimes. The G2X has a polymer body, and the 6PX is aircraft aluminum. MSRPs range from $55 to $79. surefire BackTrack PoinT >5 GPS TrackinG Device By BuShnell Most cops suck at range and distance estimation. Many can’t coordinate with air support or other ground units because they don’t know if they’re facing north or south — especially during open country searches or after long, crazy-twisting foot pursuits. The BackTrack Point>5 is “GPS made easy.” This compact 2-ounce device synchs with satellites when you turn it on. Push a button to designate your start point, then travel any distance in any direction, down the block or across the country, entering up to five different waypoints. From any one, a single click will give you a North reference, a compass heading to your last point and the exact distance to it, plus current latitude and longitude, time, temperature and altitude. The digital compass is self-calibrating and the grayscale LCD is easy to read and backlit for night use. MSRP: $89.99. Patent Pending * 17 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

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