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American COP Jan/Feb 2011 Digital Edition - Page 14

G2G T DU UT TY Y D DE ES SIIG GN NS S TA AC CT T II C CA AL L & & D GOOD TO GO GEAR Multitasker M16 M4 ar15 tool by brownells I’ve found the more “multi” a multi-tasking tool claims to be, the poorer it performs any particular one of its functions. Not so with Brownells’ MultiTasker. I really put the screws to it. All the “multi’s” worked as well or better than many single-purpose tools — even the castle nut wrench. This is largely because the pliers-frame itself is so beefy, and the G10 handle scales so comfortable. There are too many tools to detail here, but include needle nose pliers, two specialized carbon scrapers, ten ball detent tool bits with driver, an A2 sight adjustment tool, a 3/8" box wrench for optic mounts, even a liner-locking 440C Tanto knife blade and more, all in a compact pouch. It’s also a constantly evolving design. Since I got the one I tested, they’ve introduced the improved MultiTasker II and an Ultralight version. MSRP: $89.99. Daubrite VCi emitter Disks by kPr aDCor inC. A couple of graduate degrees in metallurgy and chemistry could help you understand how Daubrite VCI Emitters work, but here are the basics: VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) emitter disks fill the surrounding airspace with rust-preventing corrosion-inhibiting fumes. They’ve proven more effective in many applications than coating metal surfaces with liquid oils and preservatives. That translates into valuable protection for your guns, ammo, knives and tools in whatever you keep them. When you peel off the film, each 2" adhesive-backed disk works for about two years. The military’s been using the technology for years, and now many firearm manufacturers are too. Protective ions are attracted to metal surfaces and migrate to the tiniest recesses, forming a thin, constantly-renewing coating which doesn’t have to be removed. One Daubrite-5 disk protects the contents of five cubic feet of space. A carton of 20 Daubrite-5 disks lists for $74.89. Continued on page 17 14 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011

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