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American COP Jan/Feb 2010 - Page 47

Buying clothing can be risky, but not if you’re giving a great, comfy, gun-concealing vest from WWW.EOTAC.COM Choose from Tactical, Discreet and Field styles. Like the color choices offered, you can hardly go wrong. For your partner who carries his active-shooter supplies in a paper bag and a sack that once held lug nuts, there’s the Active Shooter Bag by Maxpedition, designed to hold everything needed to get into action fast! See two versions and lotsa color choices at WWW.MAXPEDITION.COM Going formal doesn’t mean you or your pals have to leave your cop identities behind. Find high-quality law enforcement cufflinks and studs at WWW. CUFFLINKS.COM and prove even patrol-trolls can wear tuxedos …. There are cops on your list who need to “get a grip,” y’know? Get 'em nice ones, in wood, polymer or aluminum, personalized with their initials or cool insignia at WWW.GUNGRIPS.NET Yeah, you can get “Punisher” or “Hitman” grips for yourself …. Here’s a trio of terrific gifts from WWW.BLACKHAWK.COM The new, more powerful Gladius Maximis multi-function tactical light, the handy HawkHook rescue tool, and the stout, sharp Pointman Automatic, all winners! For your giftee who never has the right holster, and whose pockets are always stuffed with cop-junk, tell him he can organize all of 'em neatly and even look metro-cool wearing the multi-functional Avenger GunPack from WWW.ELITESURVIVAL. COM When he tells you in March how much you need one, remind him — you gave him his! * WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 47

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