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American COP Jan/Feb 2010 - Page 46

American COP’s John Connor 2009 Christmas D id it again, didn’t you? Back on December 26, 2008, you made that note on the July 2009 page of your calendar, “PFC.” You never thought you’d forget it stood for “Prepare For Christmas.” But when June rolled around, you asked yourself, “WTF? Private First Class? Plenty Fulla Crap? Pickup Fried Chicken?” You BuST ouT THe PlASTiC, PAlS — we’re Goin’ SHoPPinG! Gift Guide went with choice #3 and a six-pack, didn’t you? No problem. We did the hard part, finding these gift suggestions and checkin’ ’em out. Now it’s up to you to go online for details, and yes, break down and buy ’em. Don’t worry; some can be ordered gift-wrapped and sent two-day. Okay; maybe overnight. We know you. There’s somebody on your list you owe big-time; for your badge, your butt, whatever … The 18-XRAY automatic, a superb Darrel Ralph design executed perfectly by Meyerco Knives is swift, safe and strong, with a unique opening and unlocking action. WWW.DARRELRALPH.COM A couple years ago there was only one. Now there’s a tough, tasteful tactical pen for any hand, any homie at WWW. BENCHMADE.COM. Try not to do all your shopping there, but if you do, you’ll be fine … You may already have a pair of Revision Eyewear’s cool, featherweight and military-level protective Hellfly glasses, but you don’t have their new light-adjusting auto-darkening Hellfly Photochromic’s — yet. Go ahead, get a pair, give a pair. WWW.REVISIONEYEWEAR.COM Give your buddy who’s gone through a bagful of flimsy flashlights the LightForLife UC3.400, okay? Now go find out why the name is 100-percent accurate. WWW.511TACTICAL.COM 46 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010

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