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American COP Jan/Feb 2010 - Page 16

G2G BReAkouT Tool Clint Smith I don’t understand marketing or marketing people, ads with fingers on triggers and leggy chicks throw me a bit. How does it apply? I get asked to look at a lot of things, and the logic behind some of these products — like some marketing ideas — although clearly seen in the eye of the creator, is somehow often lost in translation. Recently I got something even I could understand, called a Breakout Tool. Marketing describes it as a life-saving tool and I can easily see the concept since the tool is well made and equipped with two stout breaker-points for punching glass. Also on board are seat belt cutters, three bright LED lights and magnets to attach the tool to your fender for a tire change for instance. And, the tool clips onto the visor to keep it handy. There are six styles in each of two formats, the “non-cop” versions and the law enforcement versions, with the differences mostly in finish. In all models all the parts making up the tool appear to be high quality and the ambidextrous nature of the tool is a solid selling point. I see a personal defense application for the tool, as in an impact weapon in cases of a close contact confrontation in or around a vehicle, although it might make the marketing folks squeamish. Marketing aside, the Breakout Tool can do what it’s sold for and I put the one I have on Heidi’s truck visor. It’s a good tool and should be in every police car out there. For more info: World Class Safety Products SAmSon field Tool Visit Us At SHOT Booth#1925 Clint Smith Now and again something truly useful comes along and the new Samson Field Survivor Tool falls neatly into that category. Although not intended to be a depot-level armorer’s tool, it serves its primary target group, the troop/shooter, in the field perfectly. The clever designers came up with useful assets to the device to help service the AR/M4 platform and could be useful to the Robinson/AK type firearms as well. These assets include a straight blade screwdriver with a hook cut to aid in the removal of the firing pin cotter key. There’s a carbon scraper to clean carbon from inside the bolt carrier and a small oil ampoule for emergency lube issues. An adjustable broken shell extractor is in the tool to help clear damaged cases with the heads pulled off, which happens on occasion with dirty chambers or faulty ammo. The base holds two firing pin retention keys, a half-inch hex wrench and a slot for magazine lip adjustment. Also included is a barrel cleaning brush and pull-through cable, which screws into the base. The base screw-in plate helps in handling the cable and brush pull-through procedure. There’s a front sight adjustment tool and a magazine feed lip gauge to reset the lips in case of emergencies in the field. The device, with all the tool parts, is simply inserted into the hollow base of the pistol grip. Once in place the base is rotated to have the oval ring seal it in place. The Samson Field Survivor Tool is a solid piece of gear every AR user could use. For more info: Samson Manufacturing Corp., * 16 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2010

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