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American COP Jan/Feb 2010 - Page 15

G2G GOOD TO GO GEAR TM $ 8.49 Plus S/H 2 Pack For On Orders of 3 Packs Or More FREE Shipping SuRefiRe liGhTS Clint Smith In a marketplace absolutely flooded with gear of all forms it’s good to know of a place where you can go where there’s a constant supply of excellence. Such is the case with SureFire and their illumination tools. SureFire has two rock solid lights in the models A2 Aviator and the T1A Titan. The A2 LED Aviator is a handful-sized light bearing a red and white light capability. With a half-twist of the end cap, the light projects night-vision saving red from four red LED bulbs. With a full-twist, the reds go to the single solid 120 lumen white light. With half-pressure on the end-cap the two-stage pushbutton red comes on, while full pressure brings the white light. The Titan stems from a past, limited edition titanium-bodied light. The new version is more affordable, yet is still a high quality small light platform. The new model still offers the continuously variable LED built in a hard-anodized aluminum body. Weighing in at two ounces and just a bump over 3" long it’s a truly powerful illumination tool for its size, pushing out 70 of those lumen-things. This trick little package is also declared to have a five-minute auto shut off from a certain power range. A new battery at full power runs for about an hour, and battery life varies after that based on the power setting. It’s a great smaller light brought back in a form and price so more people can get one. Both these lights are solid additions to the SureFire line of products. For more info: “QuickStrips solve a significant issue for the defensive revolver, extra ammunition in a flat concealable format. We carry them and recommend them to our clients.” Clint & Heidi Smith Thunder ranch, OregOn Now in .44 Caliber New 5 Round .38 .17HMR .22 Rim Fire .223 .30.06 .30-30 .308 .32/.327 .38/.357 S&W .40 .41 Magnum .410 Shot Gun .44/.45/.460 .45 Auto Rim .45 ACP .475 Linebaugh .480 Ruger .500 Linebaugh .500 S&W 9mm QuickStripTM Pouch AR Gold TRiGGeR $ 19.99 Plus s/h Wraps around belts up to 1 3/4”and is designed for use with one or two QuickStrips™. Available in 3 sizes to fit your QuickStrips™. Black or Coyote Brown Roy Huntington How many of you have an AR? Lots, I’ll bet and I’ll also bet the trigger is classic AR: gritty, long take-up, wobbly and not something conducive to your best work. Am I right? Ronin Coleman, head guy at PACT (famous for timers, scales and all that other stuff), phoned not long ago. “Roy, I’ve got the best AR trigger you’ll ever feel and I’ll bet you anything you agree,” he said in his stream-of-consciousness way, “and it’s really a ‘drop-in’ concept. Honest.” Let’s see, I dared him. So he sent one. And it was, clearly, the best AR trigger I’d ever felt. Short reset (probably the shortest I’ve ever seen), light, crisp and so far, dead-nuts reliable. And I put it in myself, and it worked the first time, and everything fit like they said it would. It turned my “I have it but I hate to shoot it” AR into a “Hey, let’s shoot the AR today” rifle. Is it more accurate? Um, uh … I don’t think so, but I can shoot it better, so it is, sorta’, more accurate. See? It fits any AR that adheres to the Mil Spec list, uses .154" pins and does not have a sear block (like on some Colts). It’s about $279 but grit your teeth and do it for that new AR you probably just bought. For moe info: PACT Inc., WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM Or Call: 877-883-3776 1031 Bay Blvd, Ste V, Chula Vista, CA 91911 Order Online: 15

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