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American COP July/August Digital Edition - Page 58

sPoTLIGHT proTecTor poLYMer SerIeS Taurus a modern update on a classic design, the new Protector Polymer series is built for those who want the best of old and new. This revolver is offered with either a classically inspired checkered grip that has the look of wood but the purchase and durability of polymer, or a Taurus ribber Grip. The polymer hybrid frame makes the revolver lightweight and easy to carry. This 5-shot revolver is available in .38 special +P or .357 Mag ammunition models, with blue or matte stainless finish. additional features include a single-action/double-action trigger, highly visible fiber optic front sight and ambidextrous thumbrest. For more info: (305) 624-1115 or www. SpIDer SerIeS Magnum Boots usa Back in 2007 the Magnum spider collection was born and continues to spin its tactical snare. Be on the lookout for the evolution of the spider series, crawling into stores beginning august 2010. The four new styles, ready to assist law enforcement and military in attracting their prey, will feature the new fast rope system and reinforced stabilizers in the outsole for speed and agility as well as ion-mask in the spider 8.1 desert hPi. For more info: (800) 521-1698 or TAc rIfLe operATor DvD Panteao Productions The dvd takes you to the csaT training facility in nacogdoches, Texas for a 1-on-1 private training session with Paul howe. Paul is a high-risk training instructor that served 20 years in the us army, 10 of those in special Operations. he served as a Tactical Team leader and senior Instructor, while assigned to army special Operations. during his tour in special Operations, he was involved in several combat actions. One of the most notable was the battle of Mogadishu, which was later portrayed in the motion picture “Black hawk down.” now you can learn rifle-handling techniques from Paul from your home. You also get an honest and frank discussion with Paul howe on leadership, training and the combat mindset that is applicable to the military, law enforcement and civilian sector. For more info: (800) 381-9752 or lucId 2x – 5x vArIABLe MAGNIfIer announcing the addition of the worlds first, variable (2x – 5x) Magnifier for red-dot sights. This magnifier will allow for the flexibility for the operator to better adapt to the situation, making the operator much more effective when taking the longer shots, yet still well equipped for cQB in the same setup. It offers superior clarity, brightness and contrast all in a quality design and durable construction. lucId’s variable red-dot Magnifier mounts behind any red-dot sight with an industry common 30mm mount. For more info: (307) 840-2160 or The SILeNT SoLDIer KNIfe Brous Blades The silent soldier is a compact, premium-quality neck knife. designed for personal carry, this knife is easily accessible and perfect for everyday use. Extremely lightweight and 1/4" thick, it’s durable and built to last. Built from d-2 steel, hand satin finished and double ground; it offers the maximum design for a strong finger-locked grip, with added jimping for enhanced grip strength. The silent soldier includes a handmade kydex sheath with 2-1/2' of 1/8 steel-ball chain and a latch. MsrP is $99. For more info: NrA GUN cAre SYSTeM Mil-comm Products The new licensed nra line of firearms care products will both raise money for the nra’s critical work safeguarding our freedoms and make MIl-cOMM’s best-of-breed gun-care products more widely available to gun owners and firearms enthusiasts of every type. Mil-comm Products has been licensed, by the nra, to market a line of firearms lubricants and cleaners. They will generate new ancillary revenue in support of nra operations and expand distribution of MIl-cOMM’s top-performing, militarygrade TW25B gun care formulations. For more info: (888) 947-3273 or WITNeSS-cAM heADSeT vIDeo recorDer secGru systems Inc. The Witness-cam headset video recorder is a discreet, lightweight system, which serves as your on-site witness. user controlled recording captures video and audio, even in low light. Provides proof of justified shootings, documents sWaT high risk, no-knock raids. see around corners, into attics and crawlspaces. Proves excessive force was not used. Featuring an adjustable headset so your sunglasses still fit. armband case fits slender to muscular arms. For more info: (877) 732-4782 or WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JULY/AUGUST 2011 58

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