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American COP July/August Digital Edition - Page 56

WIN! THIS PACKAGE! ASP Gear Here’s a chance to upgrade the equipment on your duty belt. First, a 21" LeverLoc ASP Baton with foam grip and breakaway cap. Expanding this baton is the same as with a Friction Loc, the difference is in retracting. The LeverLoc allows fast, easy retraction. Add a set of aluminum chain handcuffs (with ASP logo key) and a Tungsten light. The cuffs are some of the strongest in the industry, and the Tungsten is a bright choice (170 lumens) for a backup light. Finally, there’s a Federal scabbard for the baton, a combo case to hold the cuffs and light, and an extra Executive case to hold the light alone. What a package! 2: My Duty knIfE Is: (a) fIxED blaDE (b) folDIng knIfE (c) n/a Questions 1: Do you carry a knIfE on your Duty bElt? yEs or no Al Mar Mini SERE Operator Here’s a great fixed-blade, tactical knife from Al Mar. This Mini SERE Operator features a 4" VG10 stainless steel blade and Linen Micarta scales. Overall length is 8" and it weighs just 4 ounces — nylon sheath included. Al Mar quality, Al Mar legendary performance! 3: Do you carry a knIfE off Duty? yEs or no 4: My off Duty knIfE Is: (a) fIxED blaDE (b) folDIng knIfE (c) n/a 56 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JULY/AUGUST 2011

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