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American COP July/August Digital Edition - Page 47

HANGIN’ IN tHE BAlANCE Spartan Blades’ Phobos can be carried as a neck knife or IWB, at 6.5" overall and made from S30V steel. The wicked Wharnecliff-Sheepfoot blade is just shy of 3" and the knife comes with a Kydex sheath with neck chain and IWB loop. I found it elegant and natural in the hand. MSRP is about $160. Neck Knives A PHoToS: RobbIe baRRkMan SuzI HunTInGTon lthough they’ve been around for many years, I always found a way to poo-poo neck knives. And while I never had a particularly good reason to dislike them — it was more a fear of the unknown — I avoided them my entire career. Some of my reservations stemmed from the idea I could suffer a cut from the chain from which most neck knives hang; and some of it was based on the idea keeping a sharp, pointy thing around my neck (blade pointing at my face) wasn’t a very good idea. But Continued on page 54 Here’s a wonderful Broad Head Push Knife from HTM. It’s titanium and has been skeletonized, so it’s beyond feather-light. It’s got a super-sharp blade on it, which slides right into the Kydex sheath. It’s also small enough you can simply carry it in your pocket. The term “At hand!” comes to mind. The bead chain has a 20-pound pull rating. This knife is well worth the $100 MSRP. Right: Here’s one designed by our own Pat Covert for TOPS. The Covert Solution (get it?) is made from 440c steel that’s 1/8" thick — pretty stout. There’s a deep finger groove and domed Micarta scales to help you keep a good grip. Aside from wearing it around your neck, the knife comes with a Kydex sheath and carabiner clip allowing for carry in a boot or clipped to a belt loop. It’s a “real” knife, and a neck knife too. There are a lot of options for about $100. Bottom right: Some may look at this Meyerco Besh Wedge Bottle Rocket as a novelty, but I wouldn’t want to come up against it in a fight. It’s made from 7CR17 stainless steel and comes in a nylon sheath with a bead chain. The stainless steel keeps it light and the bottle opener also makes for a good finger grip. Nifty, smart and it works. Best of all, it’s only $30. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 47

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