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American COP July/August Digital Edition - Page 40

UPGRAdING YOUR IRON PARtNER “Push” bumpers are actually relied upon more for protecting the vehicle and occupants in a crash than for pushing stalled vehicles. The Pro-gard illustrated is a wrap-around model. BEAt CAR BAsICs o Rhino and pro-gard are two leaders in the push bumper manufacturing arena. When I think “push bumpers,” I think more about using the patrol car to (stay with me here) push a stalled vehicle out of the way. Turns out, the push bumper is a bit of a misnomer. One of the main ways officers get injured is in vehicle collisions. The push bumper has aided in minimizing damage, both to the officer and the patrol car in some crashes. Go Rhino’s website offers a number of testimonials in which officers were involved in collisions with other vehicles, animals and fixed objects. Each testimonial praises the push bumper and its role in increasing safety and minimizing damage. When a collision occurs, there can be tremendous energy transferred. Auto engineers have spent years designing vehicles with “crumple zones” or other safety features acting to dissipate the energy, resulting in a lowered risk of injury. patrol cars can have the added benefit of either a small push bumper 40 Above: Pro-gard’s Ballistic Door panel can be fitted to virtually any patrol car door. Rated at NIJ Level IIIA, it offers significant protection from gunfire and can be reused as new cars are purchased. G only a couple of feet wide, or a large bumper literally wrapping around the entire front end. If your department is looking to increase survivability, reduce injury to officers and reduce damage to their fleet, encourage them to look into push bumpers. 360 Lights Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid collisions altogether? That’s why emergency lights were created. We’ve got to let the citizenry at large know we’re coming. We’re all familiar with standard light bars; with strobes, flashers, opticoms and the solid red light being the standard. SoundOff Signal is thinking outside the box. They’ve built the Intersector, designed to mount under the mirror of your patrol car and provide a critical intersection warning signal. The cool thing about this type of light is it covers 180 degrees and operates on the side of the patrol car. That means WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JULY/AUGUST 2011

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