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American COP July/August Digital Edition - Page 34

A Full-Pow Micro-coMPAct KimBer’s new solo 9mm pistol Using my “loaner” gun from the Sportsman’s Loft in Minot, N.D., I got this very nice 2" group at 25 yards with 147-gr. Black Hills subsonic. The guns delivered similar groups with other ammo, especially the heavier bullet loads. erhaps the best possible illustration of a gun company’s ability to read the market is when they can produce something that makes people say “Hey! This is just what I’ve been waiting for!” even though before they saw it, they didn’t know that’s what they were waiting for. That seems to be the case with Kimber’s instant best-seller, the micro-compact Solo. Before describing what it is, here are two things it’s not: With several new patents covering a gamut of design and operational features, it’s not another generic entry in the glutted pool of tiny pocket pistols, mostly clones with minimal differences; some reliable, some not. And although it comes from a firm famed for their 1911s, it’s not another radically-shrunken 1911, a fact for which I’m glad. While I have great faith in full-sized and the “commander”or “pro”-sized models, the pygmy 1911s haven’t impressed me with either their handling characteristics or reliability. While it looks a bit like a 1911 and borrows heavily from the ergonomics, controls and best features, the Solo is not a 1911, but a totally new design. If you wished for a true pocket pistol offering flawless function, full 9mm parabellum power, dimensions better suited to large hands, yet still easily concealable and comfortable to carry — with a real metal frame! — the Solo might be just what you’ve been waiting for too. Two models are offered in initial production, the Solo Carry and Solo Carry Stainless, names which might lead to confusion but are easily explained. Both models have stainless steel slides and barrels, and aluminum alloy frames. Both frames are finished in non-reflective Kimpro II, a premium surface finish with self-lubricating and corrosion-resistant qualities. The Carry’s frame and small parts are matte black, and those of the Carry Stainless are done in satin silver — that’s it. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JULY/AUGUST 2011 P 34

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