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American COP July/August Digital Edition - Page 15

TK 15 TacTical lighT by FEnix It’s a fairly new name in the field, but Fenix is gaining a solid reputation for innovative, extremely durable lights of incredible brightness and useful features. The TK 15 is a good example, and a top choice for patrol work. Only 5.3" long and weighing 6.6 ounces, its brightest of four selectable light levels is an amazing 337 lumens. A protected tailcap switch is your on-off, and a handy flush-mounted side button cycles you through first 337 lumens, then 5, 47 and 143 lumens. The TK 15 will “remember” and repeat your last setting. Holding the button down for a second activates the disorienting strobe function, which always runs at 337 lumens. Waterproof, shock-suppressed and Type III anodized, it’s tough, bright and boasts very long runtimes. Priced at about $80. For more info: EvEryday Carry Tools by 888 If you’re a working cop, one thing you can’t compromise on is the ability to get to what I’ll call an “emergency” or “at-hand” cutting tool. Triple Eight’s lineup of six models offers blade styles to meet virtually any need, but a couple really shine for cops. At only 3" closed, and with a slim pocket-clip, you can stash an 888 Everyday Carry Tool just about anywhere. Better yet, have two or three handy! The SurvivIt Tool was designed by our own publisher and retired cop, Roy Huntington. For cutting seatbelts, prying, scraping, you-name-it, the SurvivIt Tool is handy. Ditto for the Wright or S.O.L. (get it?) models when it comes to backup blades, or even primary cutters. Around $39.95. For more info: * 15 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

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