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American COP July/August Digital Edition - Page 14

JOHN CONNOR G2G GOOD TO GO GEAR INVESTIGATOR PEN A *NEW* SMALLER SIZE TACTICAL PEN THAT IS READY FOR THE LARGEST TASKS! ACTUAL SIZE Specs 4.25” Overall 3/8” DIAMETER If you’re a nightvision-gear user, Streamlight’s TLRVIR will replace two units on your rail-equipped weapon with one highly efficient, visible light and infrared illumination combo. A toggle selects for visible light, safe OFF or IR, and a paddle switch selects momentary or constant on. The unit is programmable for standard or strobe mode, or you can temporarily go from standard to strobe by tapping the paddle rapidly twice. The well-balanced, white light is 160 lumens, and the IR illuminator delivers 1,000 milliwatts of power. Both are shockproof LEDs. Two CR123A batteries give you 2.5 hours of white light and 20 hours IR runtime. Housed in an anodized aircraft aluminum waterproof body, the TLR-VIR is 3.82" long and weighs just 6 ounces. It also comes with a corded remote pressure switch. Shop around for this highquality unit before you buy, as the prices I’ve seen online often vary by hundreds of dollars! For more info: by stReamliGHt Visible/ iR illuminatoR by 1776 tactical PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR: TACTICAL KNIVES, PENS, TOOLS, ACCESSORIES, PERSONAL DEFENSE ITEMS RangePack HINDERER.indd 1 4/27/11 1:17:05 PM 14 If your range gear fits in a paper “Happy Meal” sack, skip this. But if, like me, your “range time” includes a half-dozen handguns, two long guns, lots of loaded magazines, more ammo, tools, cleaning gear, eye and ear protection and more. And if you’ve wished somebody built the right features into a strong, comfortable backpack, the Second Amendment RangePack by 1776 Tactical might be perfect for you. Features include six exterior AR-type mag pouches, 12 interior pistol mag pouches, four 2-pocket removable, zip-closed handgun cases with hook-and-loop backing, a built-in pull-over rain cover, and too much more to list here. It adds up to 33 unique storage compartments, 2,000 cubic inches and 60 pounds of capacity. At 19.5" high, 16" wide and 12" deep, I could even fit my armorer’s tool rolls in with all my other junk, and still have both hands free for long guns! MSRP is $129.95 For more info: WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JULY/AUGUST 2011

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