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American COP July/Aug 2010 - Page 64

WiN! THis PAcKAGE! QuESTION 1: are yoUr deparTmenT’s paTrol Cars eqUipped WiTh a video Camera sysTem? (a) all paTrol Cars (B) some of Them (C) none QuESTION 3: does yoUr deparTmenT issUe lapTop/porTaBle (removaBle) CompUTers or moBile CompUTers (permanenTly affixed/ insTalled) for paTrol Car Use? (a) only lapTop/porTaBle CompUTers (B) only moBile CompUTers (C) BoTh (d) neiTher QuESTION 4: does yoUr deparTmenT sTill prinT paper reporTs in Case The sysTem “Crashes”? (a) yes (B) no 64 QuEstIONs QuESTION 2: raTe The performanCe of yoUr paTrol Car’s video Camera sysTem. (a) exCellenT (B) aCCepTaBle (C) needs improvemenT (d) iT’s garBage WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JULY/AUGUST 2010

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