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American COP July/Aug 2010 - Page 48

reTHink THAT Dave Douglas MuLTi-TooL pArAdigM HoTSHoT a knife; saw; needle nose and standard pliers; regular, hard and stranded-wire cutters; a carabiner/bottle opener; and optics mount adjustment wrench accessory. Design Input By Pros Leatherman deployed prototypes around the world with all sorts of uniformed professionals to sort out their needs through application-driven design. The design features include an extra-large, oneo, you thought those red-handled knife and tool- handed opening blade; and extra-long bits to reach into tight places. makers in Switzerland with the military contract The bits were sized specifically for adjustment to all current and lastwere on the top of the heap when it comes to a us- generation optics rings and pistol grips. able pocket-sized multi-tool. Well, it’s time to reAnother major requirement was to assure the choice of think that hypothesis hotshot and change your materials were the right ones for the job. Materials such as paradigm — or so my former management buzzword non-scarring bronze for the carbon scraper; 154CM steel spouting assistant chief would tell me. Leatherman has that keeps an edge three-times as long for wire cutters. Adcome up with a tactical and practical multi-tool that ditionally, quick and easy replacement logic was built into should be with every patrol, rifle-carrying cop in the the most commonly used parts. country. After putting in 18 months of research and When Can I Get One? picking the brains of real operational snipers, military trigger-pullers in the sandbox, competiYou’re going to have to wait a couple months. tion shooters and street cops familiar with totLeatherman’s MUT will begin shipping in Septeming around a patrol rifle in their car everyday, ber of 2010. It will be available in a black or silver Leatherman introduced their MUT. It’s the utility model and a black EOD version. The EOD first tool to combine both weapon’s upkeep model has mil-spec cap crimpers, fuse wire cutand general utility tools in one platform. ters and a C4 punch instead of the firearms disassembly punch on the standard model. It’s designed for use by breachers or EOD techs. Uses-A-Plenty Both models come with a mil-spec MOLLE The MUT provides its sheath and are covered under the Leatherproud owner with a bolt man 25-year warranty. You won’t even override tool to clear a jam without disasmiss the puny toothpick sembly (that doubles as a hammer) replaceable stuffed up inside the red carbon scraper to keep the weapon clean and handle from those Swiss performing optimally; replaceable firearm guys. Just how tactical is disassembly punch, the threads of which red anyway? Besides evThe MUT — sounds accept cleaning rods and brushes; replaceeryone knows we pick like something you got at the able cutting hook for clothing, zip ties, our teeth with pound, but looks more like a or cord; and interchangeable screwdrivour bayonets. prehistoric Pterodactyl. ers in the popular sizes for adjusting your sighting system. Utility tools include: For more info: S Dave’s demonstrating the bolt override tool — clear a jam without getting your big paws in the way. * 48 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • JULY/AUGUST 2010

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