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American COP July/Aug 2010 - Page 43

Noveske Rifles — Innovative Safety Tools Clint Smith is better than the .223" argument, it makes no difference to Noveske — he makes both. The basic N4 is a semiauto based on the Stoner-like design. The base rifle has a barrel length of 14"-plus that, in conjunction with the flash suppressor, meets the required NFA 16" length. The retractable stock version favored by most folks allows for an overall length of 31" to 35", making for a compact package in this full-size, non-NFA rifle. The N4 base rifle stripped of scopes and ammo weighs in at seven pounds. Noveske rifles are available in the black dress code as well as other tan/green type options, and the iron-sighting systems also have several options available. Pricing on the N4 rifle WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM ANDA QuIEt suRPRIsE 43

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