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American COP July/Aug 2010 - Page 17

BAttlelAB trAuMA INterveNtIoN KIt John Connor I’ve been on a quest for the most compact, fullyloaded, best-organized and easily portable first aid/medical pack. I found a great one: the Battlelab Trauma Intervention Kit from Diamondback Tactical. The BTIK contains an impressive 101 items to treat everything from blisters to gunshot wounds in a tough nylon case measuring just 2.5x6x8". It unzips clamshell-style to lie flat, with a sectioned interior and expansion room. I’ve added a sterilized thin-bladed knife, an IDF tourniquet, two extra pouches of QuikClot and a set of Sliver-Gripper Tweezers. The kit can be hand-carried, or quickly attached to a belt. There are also two detachable elastic leg straps, plus a loop-pile patch and MOLLE webbing on the front to attach other goodies. BTIK’s ideal for patrol, SWAT, remote area search and rescue ops; and off-duty, for vacations and road trips — the life you save might be your own. MSRP $105.95. For more info: tA11-G AcoG SIGht John Connor The TA11-G is a 3.5x35 ACOG designed to operate just as effectively at almost muzzlecontact distance as it does out to 800 meters, with faster pick-up on target and a significantly brighter, bolder reticle than its cousins. The reticle on the G is a brilliant green donut, which hovers atop the familiar black-line bullet drop compensating post, calibrated for 5.56mm. The “Green Donut of Death” as some call it, is extremely bright. The human eye “acquires” bright green faster than any other color. Compared to red illuminated reticles at the same power levels, green can appear up to 25 times brighter. The donut is 4 MOA in outside diameter and the “hole” is 2.2 MOA. At close range, the donut seems more clearly defined than a typical fat red dot, and at longer ranges you won’t be “masking” a significant chunk of your target. MSRP is $1,377. For more info: WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM * 17

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