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Note the oval-shaped barrel bushing and the lack of a full-length guide rod, a custom best honored in the breach. nItrOn . COMPaCt rCs 45 aCP Carry POWEr 1911 facturers left that don’t make a copy of some Colt product. Nevertheless, SIG’s 1911 line quickly earned the same reputation held by the rest of its pistols and grew rapidly. Now, the line includes a variety of rail- and non-railequipped .45s and several models from the custom shop, including the 1911 Compact RCS Nitron. Perhaps best described as a “midsize” 1911, the Compact RCS combines a Commander-length slide and barrel with a short Officer’s ACP-sized receiver, making it 3/4" shorter in length than a Government Model .45, and some 1/2" shorter in height. While 1911s can get a lot smaller, the Officer’s/Commander hybrid gives you the concealment of the smaller gun with the handling and performance of the larger pistol, and is probably the best size for an 1911 that’s meant to be carried. In keeping with its role as a defensive pistol, the Compact RCS came dressed for business in matte black (Nitron finish), with just a touch of silver from the barrel, trigger, and hammer. As usual, we’ll start at the top of the slide and work our way down. Since our photos the Compact RCS comes with low-profile night sights. s IG SAUER’s 30-year reputation for dependability has been built on their service pistols. Starting with the P220 .45 and including the P226 9mm and P229 .40 S&W, SIGs have traditionally been double-action autos with no controls but a de-cocker and a slidestop, and they virtually never fail. Thus, when they introduced their GSR 1911 .45 a few years ago, it was an event worth noticing. In fairness, though, between the 1911, the AR-15, and the SAA, there are virtually no major manu- Slide And Barrel When they first designed theirs, SIG took great pains to combine the classic shape of the 1911 with the distinctive 26 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER2012

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