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For more information on seeing your product featured in Spotlight, contact Phil Mendelson (800) 426-4470. SPOTLIGHT AR WRAP Tango Outdoor Gear MOUNTAIN SHORTS Kitanica This neoprene wrap helps keep unwanted debris out of the vitals of your AR. It fits most ARs whether scoped, have open sights, or a carry handle. Competition shooters will trust this to keep dirt out of their finely-tuned triggers while at the range. This is a must have for any varmint hunter who rides OHVs, horseback or just dirty country roads to their favorite hunting spot. AR Wrap will also protect your gun from scuffs and scrapes while rotating guns in and out of the gun safe. For more info: (909) 392-4757 or www.americancopmagazine. com/tango-outdoor The new Mountain Shorts feature 10 pockets, of which are three easy access lap pockets, a smaller admin/smartphone pocket, and expanding dual rear dump pockets. They are constructed of heavyduty, 6.5-ounce 50/50 NYCO and have a double-reinforced seat and articulated knees. The shorts feature a wicking mesh interlining. They also include a 7-belt-loop contoured waistband. MSRP is $89. For more info: (510) 893-3014 or www.americancopmagazine. com/kitanica SPACE SAVER PLUS PARTITION Pro-gard Products, LLC “Safety has always been Pro-gard’s first concern when developing its products,” said Mike Navarro, General Manager for Pro-gard Products, LLC. When it comes to prisoner transport, there are two key factors to consider: officer safety from the prisoner and prisoner safety during the transport. Fleet managers are constantly faced with the decision of who to offer the most leg room to when installing prisoner transport partitions, the driver/officer or the prisoner. This innovative partition offers the driver full-range leg room without compromising leg room for the prisoner. Pro-gard accomplishes this feat with the addition of a curvature to the support roll bar that angles back, towards the passenger seat, providing several more inches of space for prisoner’s knees and legs. For more info: (800) 480-6680 or TASER: AXON FLEX DIGITAL RECORDER KIT PRO-OPS BRIEFCASE Voodoo Tactical Protection every officer deserves: agencies deploying POV video report dramatic decreases in complaints. Pre-event video buffer yields the greatest reduction in complaints and lawsuits when actions leading up to the incidents are recorded. It reduces false complaints and lawsuits by accurately capturing video from the officer’s perspective, and saves time and increases efficiency. Enhances public trust and creates safer communities at a lower cost. Low light recording best shows what the human eye actually sees. Don’t let a 3-second clip judge your actions — be ready to capture any incident. For more info: (800) 852-6088 or officer-store Tactical travel at its best! Take your handgun with extra mags, laptop, electronics and all of your tactical gear wherever you go. Handguns are secured in an interior quilted pocket with elastic bands. They’ve provided an additional removable laptop carrier and a removable zippered tablet pouch. It includes features and pouches that are sized to fit the need of all tactical personnel. Measures 6" W x 12" H x 18" L. Available in black, OD green and coyote tan. For more info: (877) 336-2567 or www. CONCEALED CARRY HOLSTER ArmsBand The ArmsBand Concealed Carry Holster straps the handgun to the underside of the upper arm, positioned similar to a shoulder holster for easy crossdraw under the sleeve of a short-sleeved shirt. This carry method is novel, new and convenient, especially for snubnosed revolvers as well as the new pistols like the Kel-Tec P3AT, Kel-Tec P32, Ruger LCP, Taurus 732, Taurus 738, and other similar small handguns. When carrying in public, one can stand with the arms folded across the chest, holding the shooting hand under the carry bicep on the grip of the handgun without drawing any suspicion form anyone. From this position, drawing and firing is actually faster than clearing your jacket and drawing from the waist. For more info: www. 43 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM

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