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American COP November 2012 Digital Edition - Page 41

GEAR 2012 Continued from page 37 Deluxe” model. This newest design has enhanced finger grooves and can be had with a palm shelf. Texturing minimizes slippage, even with gloves, they’re virtually impervious to oils and solvents and an integral upper extension supports the web of the hand. They can be had in a more rigid model (RIGID Grips), with Rhino Hide molded into a hard polymer base grip for a firmer feel. Either way, think “pencil eraser” feel, so you won’t slip and fuss around. We keep these on our ARs around here. Only $26. 12: Think of entrepreneur Gene Malkoff as a hot-rodder, but what he hot-rods are LED lighting devices. Gene tends to take factory specs and toss them out the window. And while he does offer a few models of proprietary “blast your eyes out” lights, he specializes in dropin modules, upgrading stock lights like Streamlights, Maglites, SureFire and others, often increasing lumen output by two or three times. If you have an older model light, Gene’s modules are just the ticket to enhance performance without breaking the bank. Here, his latest are drop-in modules for the Streamlight SL-20X (MD20X increasing lumens measured “out the front” to 600) and Streamlight Stingers (models with aluminum bezels and reflectors only, increasing lumen output to 340+ lumens). The Stinger drop-in is called the Model XT-MDSTG. The MD20X is $59 and the XT-MDSTG is $41. 13: Stuck on graveyard? We’ve got just the thing to keep things more interesting. Minox’s new NV 351 night vision unit is a Gen 1 true light amplification device (green glowing kind) and uses a single CR123 battery for about 60 hours of runtime. It also has a builtin IR illuminator for extra-dark spots. And while it’s not “read the newspaper” clear like a Gen 3, at 100 yards in our back pasture, it was very easy to watch deer. Some experimenting around the pole barn here showed I could easily see into the dark shadowed areas at night using amplified ambient light, and a button-press turned on the IR lamp, throwing a “bright” spot onto the target. It can focus from about 3' to infinity; so can be used to look for lost items at ground level (like at an accident scene, tossed evidence, dropped keys, who knows what?), and at about 12 ounces it’s light and very compact. Around $350 and considerably better than most of the “cheap” ones you normally see advertised. ANYTIME. TUFF ANYWHERE. ANY WEAPON Fits All Firearms Better Weapon Retention Lifetime Warranty Gun Grip Covers 1 TM PATS. PEND. Visit Your Local Firearms Dealer or Contact TUFF1 for LE Armory Programs TUFF Gun Grip Covers 1 TM PATS. PEND. 8543 N. Dixie Drive Suite A Dayton, Ohio 45414 888.998.8331 HONOR your FINEST with SOLID BRONZE QUALITY. .made in the USA 888-411-7744 * For more info: www.americancopmagazine. com/product-index and click on the company name. WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM 41

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