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American COP November 2012 Digital Edition - Page 36

Gear & Goodies 2012 Suzi Huntington 6 4 SMART, SAFE AND SAVVY “ S 11 top the Insanity!” Every time I get a new press release for a silly widget, sure to waste your money, break when you use it and accomplish exactly nothing of note, I feel like grabbin’ the phone and giving them an earful. “Did you ask anyone before you made this ridiculous gadget?!” And, yes, we actually do ask that question now and again. Which is why we do these gear round-ups for you. We filter the flood of new goodies; tossing the obvious junk, then lay hands on what remains to make sure it’s up to snuff. Then, and only then, does it see the light of day in our semi-esteemed pages. We always try to keep things broad, in the sense it might apply to you in patrol, or detectives, or some special unit, or even all three. Also, keep thinking outside the box. Just because something says, “Hey, works good for sergeants!” doesn’t mean it might not work well for your off-road unit too. Innovation goes in both directions. I Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard factory reps say things like, “Yeah, I was showing our new thing to some cops and in five minutes they told me 10 more ways to use it.” That’s us … bossy know-it-alls, eh? So, lots’a what’s new here, and it should all work pretty much as advertised, or they’ll be getting another call from us — and that ain’t something anybody wants to cogitate on. course they made the mount with their flashlights in mind, but it’ll work with most every cop light made (adapters included). Two versions are available: ZSM Standard Model for $39.95 and ZDM-T Quick-Release Thumb Screw Model for $46.95. 7 36 Do you have a special gun or maybe some knives you don’t want to broadcast to the world you’re transporting? Check out Pelican’s P1075 Pistol & Accessory HardBack Case, which looks quite similar to the average cop laptop computer. The interior (1.63"x7.92" x11.11") is large enough to hold a full-size semi-auto and spare mags, and you can custom cradle your gun — or whatever you carry in it — thanks to the Pick-N-Pluck foam. The HardBack Case is watertight (to 3.3' for 30 minutes) thanks to an O-ring seal. It’s crushproof and has lockable hasps, making it ideal for airline travel. A padded shoulder strap makes slinging it easy once you’ve arrived at your destination. MSRP is $69.95 Cops, and society in general, have been hyperfocused on ARs over the past decade. But let’s not forget about our trusty scatterguns (Remingtons and Mossbergs), and let’s not ignore the need to equip and accessorize them appropriately. We’ve written about Elzetta’s great flashlights before, so you can bet this shotgun mount is made to the same exacting standards. The ZSM is made from a glass-filled polymer, and is pretty much cop proof. It’s designed to fit most every agency-issued 12-gauge shotgun, but gauge adapters are included if you shoot something more civilized, say 20 gauge or .410. Okay, a .410’s not really ideal for police work. There’s no rail required, you just need 1.75" of space on the magazine tube and barrel, and it will work on either side. Of 1 3 2 Quick, run through all the really bad jokes racing through your mind when you say, “monkey nuts.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way, feast your eyes on these, uh, Monkey Knuts. While a monkey’s fist or monkey’s paw, as it’s commonly known, has been around since the 1800s; with uses ranging from decoration to heaving line weight to weapon — it’s the decoration and weapon applications we like here at COP. Kevin Herzstein, who learned the art of tying a monkey’s knot from his father, makes an array of these paracordwrapped chrome balls for use as key chains, zipper pulls, or anything else you can think to attach them 10 13 WWW.AMERICANCOPMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER2012

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